Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Friday the 13th Retrospect Part II

Two months would pass since the murderous rampage of Mrs. Voorhees and Alice, the sole survivor of Pamela Voorhees rampage, is home and working hard to overcome the events that took place back at Camp Crystal Lake. Little does she know that Jason is back in action and has hunted her down to her home. He enters her house and takes revenge on the girl who killed his mother by murdering her with an ice pick.
After he takes his revenge he returns back to the forest that surrounds Camp Crystal Lake , where he will stay and prey on camp counselors and anyone that crosses his path.
Two months would pass since he killed Alice and a man by the name Paul Holt has opened a camp counselor training ground near Camp Crystal Lake . This doesn’t sit well with Jason, even though they’re not actually at Camp Crystal Lake they’re in his territory and that only aggravates him.
Jason starts to stalk them and when night falls he makes his way into the cabins and finds a sac, which he uses to hide his deformed face. And like his mother before him he takes up killing and murders six camp counselors.
Once again the last female alive proves to be a challenge for Jason, just as it was for his mother. This young girl named Ginny finds her way through the forest and to Jason’s house and inside she discovers Pamela Voorhees’ head on a shrine. She then tries to use the head to trick Jason in thinking that his mother is actually alive.
Ginny then drives a machete into Jason’s shoulder and then seeks refuge in one of the cabins. Jason then jumps through the window and grabs her, but this is thought to be a dream rather then an actually event, because we then see Ginny on a stretcher, alive, and being loaded into an ambulance.
This also could have happened in reality, because we know Ginny blacks out and this could have fooled Jason into thinking she was dead and he just left her. So, really it’s up for interpretation.
The very next day, Jason stumbles across a house/store where a couple is living. The house is located near Crystal Lake and at this point if you’re anywhere near this lake there is a good chance that Jason is going to get you.
While at this house Jason kills the couple and also acquires some new cloths. With his new threads and a desire to kill some more, Jason makes his way to Higgins Haven, a cabin which is located on Crystal Lake .
During this time another group of young adults are going up to the family owned cabin to enjoy a nice weekend away, little do they know that Jason is lurking in the woods and barn that is located right next to the cabin.
The heroine this time has as past with Jason, we learn that she ran away from home one night and found shelter under a large tree. While she was sleeping Jason approached her and attacked, she was able to get away but that event would forever haunt her and it is also an event that most likely happened when Jason was in his early days of killing.
Once again Jason Kills, but this time its seven vacationing teenagers and three bikers. And during this killing spree, Jason replaces his sac with what the killer’s image would be known for – a hockey mask.
At the end of this rampage, Jason once again faces another worthy heroine, Chris Higgins, and she is able to take and axe and bash it into the side of Jason’s head.
With an axe sticking out of his head the paramedics pronounce Jason dead. They then take Jason’s body to Wessex County Morgue. It’s in this morgue that we find out that Jason is not dead, when he regains consciousness, does some killings and escapes back to his forest that surround Crystal Lake.

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