Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Game Glitches: Super Mario Bros.

Video games are going to have glitches. So, I thought I would start a new series on this blog called ‘Game Glitches’ and explore glitches in games stretching all the way back to the Nintendo Entertainment System.
For the very first part in the series I’ve explored the classic title – Super Mario Bros.
This was the first game in the Super Mario series, even though the Mario Brothers appeared in a 1983 game titled Mario Bros. Super Mario Bros. was published in 1985 and has become a gaming classic, a game that really kept gaming and home consoles going.
Super Mario Bros. is more than a great game but it does have some interesting glitches that have become well known throughout the years.
Minus World
The first glitch I’m going to talk about is the famous Minus World.
The Minus World is an endless underwater level that is a copy of the World 7-2. There is no escaping this world and once you run out of time you’re dead. Yet, it’s neat just to witness it.
Now, I’m going to tell you how to do it.
1.) Get a copy of the actual NES cartridge and play on an NES. I’m pretty sure most of these glitches were taken out of remakes of the game and your best chance in doing it is to have the original game.
2.) To get the glitch to work you’ll to get to world 1-2. Once there go to the pipe at the end of the level that leads you to the flag. DO NOT go into the pipe.
3.) After you get to the pipe you’ll need to break the second and third block from the pipe. Yet, leave the block that is at the far right alone.
4.) Now, once the blocks are taken care of, you must stand on the edge of the pipe (Face left). Once standing there, crouch down, and while crouched, jump and move right while in the air.
If you do all the steps correctly, Mario should go through the blocks on the right and fall into a warp zone. Once in this warp zone, go down the pipe on the far left and this will bring you to the Minus World.
Jumping Over the Flagpoles
It IS possible to jump over flagpoles, even though people have been trying to debunk this for years. This is something you can’t do in every level but some of them will let you.
1.) In World 1-1 you want to make your way past the second pit.
2.) Once passed it, Mario will need to get up on the bricks that end with a “?” box and wait for the turtle Koopa. Once the Koopa Troopa is about to fall into the pit jump down and even though you won’t hit him the game will register you did and he will get trapped under the level.
3.) You will see the Koopa Troopa’s head under the level. He will be heading into the direction of the flag. Follow him, but never get far behind or far in front of him. Also, make sure to pick up the mushroom power up on the way to the end of the level. Once at the end, wait until he’s halfway between the stairs and the flag. Once he is, jump off the stairs leading up the flag. Mario will double jump in the air by stomping on the koopa without even being close to him. This will give Mario enough height to jump over the flagpole.
Once you’re over the flagpole you’ll soon discover that there is nothing over there. Mario can just run on forever until time runs up.
Vine Teleport
In world 4-2 there is a vine not even halfway through the level. Hit the box containing the vine and then move the screen ever so slightly to have the pipe with piranha plant in it showing.
Now, if you touch the edge of the left edge on the screen, Mario should teleport to the right of the screen.
Blue Bowser
This will work in any of the castle levels. You want to make your way to the end of the levels, but don’t step on the bridge Bowser is on. Instead, you’ll want to wait for Bowser to come into frame himself. When he does he will be blue.
Die and Win
Well you don’t really win but it’s still an interesting glitch.
While in a castle get to the end of the level and try to be and stay small. Now, it gets tricky you’ll need Bowser to touch you while you touch the axe. This will kill you and Bowser but the level will continue.
Yet, after you read the classic text "Thank you Mario! But our princess in another castle!" you’ll be immediately directed to a game over screen.
There are many more glitches in Super Mario Bros., glitches I will cover in a later installment.

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