Monday, February 9, 2009

Friday the 13th Retrospect Part V

In the next chapter Jason is once again fully grown with hockey mask on face and machete in hand.
There is a lot of question in how Jason is able to go from a boy after being hit with toxic waste to once again a man and I will try to explain it the best I can.
In the next chapter of the Friday the 13th series we meet Duke Creighton, a bounty hunter who makes it his job to find and hunt down Jason. He gives a theory on how Jason survived and if this holds up, it’s most likely the best answer we’ll receive. Stay with me, because it gets a little complicated.
When Jason was destroyed in the sewers the spirit that drives Jason found its way back to Crystal Lake and since this spirit can only pass to a Voorhees, he found his mother’s decaying body and took it over, which would explain why Jason looks so weird in the next chapter.
When we see Jason again he is back home in Crystal Lake and he is back to his old ways. He’s chasing a young woman around the property who ends up being a trap set by the F.B.I. The women leads him to a plot of land, where the F.B.I. blind him with spotlights and then blown him away with tons of ammunition.
The bits and pieces of Jason’s body are then sent to the coroner and while he is examining it he notices the heart is still beating. The heart then hypnotizes the coroner and he begins to eat it. Inside this heart is the vengeful spirit that was passed from Mrs. Voorhees to Jason all those years ago.
This spirit needs to move from person to person as for the vengeful creature cannot sustain just in a normal body, it needs to find a direct descendant of Jason in order to be truly reborn and he finds this in the guise of Erin Grey.
Jason then is reborn after using people’s bodies to find his way back to a Voorhees. His victory is short lived, because he is stabbed in the heart and creatures from hell come and pull Jason down where he belongs.
Only the hockey mask is left lying on the ground but Freddy Krueger’s claw comes up and grabs it, making way for a confrontation between Jason and Freddy.

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