Thursday, April 22, 2010

Jason Voorhees Is Dead ...

After months of hearing rumors about the next installment of the Friday the 13th franchise, the films producer Brad Fuller stated on his Twitter account that project is indeed "Dead".
This is terrible news, maybe not for everyone but for me and every other Friday the 13th fan. We were suppose to see Jason again this August, most likely in 3D, but that is all done now.
The last Friday the 13th movie, the "reboot" (it was more of a sequel) did decent business at the box office. It was able to take in $91 million on a $19 million budget. On it's opening weekend it took in $42.2 million, the biggest opening for any Friday the 13th movie.
Money can still be made with the franchise, there is no doubt about that. I did read something about Paramount and New Line not interested in continuing with the story that the previous film setup. Come on Paramount and New Line, isn't that why you rebooted the franchise so you can make multiple Friday the 13th films to appeal to a newer audience? Now, after all that work you are just going to leave it dead in the water? Poor Jason, he had to watch his mother die and now he has to watch as his franchise is tossed aside.
This is not fair for Jason and it's not fair for the fans. I think that all Friday the 13th fans should get together, discuss what they want to see the franchise do and then try to get the studio to make what we want to see. If they do make another Friday the 13th film, it will be the 13th film in the series and should be EPIC and the ULTIMATE Friday the 13th experience and I think the fans should have some say in it.

Monday, April 12, 2010

O'Brien Is Going to TBS

Conan O'Brien will be making his new home on the basic cable station of TBS. He will not be going to FOX, which was the popular choice by fans.
Lopez Tonight, the late night show that is currently running on TBS, will not be going away. O'Brien's show will air at 11 putting him before Lopez and the show is expected to debut in November.
I'm glad that Conan is coming back, but I want him to return to what made him great. He really wasn't being himself on the Tonight Show and I just want him to return to all the crazy comedy he did before he got the chance to host the Tonight Show.