Friday, February 6, 2009

Friday the 13th Retrospect Part IV

In the year 1991, a girl by the name Tina Shepard who possesses the gift of telekinetic powers is sent to Crystal Lake to help her cope with her fathers death. She is sent to this specific location, because her father drowned in the lake, because of Tina’s power in the year 1979.
When she arrives back at the lake, she unknowingly raises Jason from the dead and out of his watery grave in which Jarvis put him. This causes Jason to once again kill teenagers and even Tina’s mom.
Jason now is a walking corpse and Tina is able to break the hockey mask off his face and we all see what Jason has become. He doesn’t even resemble a human anymore; he’s rotting and looks more like a monster.
In Tina’s and Jason’s confrontation Tina uses her powers to force Jason back into the lake in which he came. This doesn’t sit well with Jason and he is able to fight against Tina’s power and rise up from the water once again. Tina desperate for any help uses all of her power to raise her father from the lake and she does it successfully.
We see Tina’s father rise from the water and tackle Jason back down into the lake, thus defeating him once again. Jason returns to the bottom of the lake and he once again settles into his watery grave.
One year will pass and that will move the timeline up to the year 1992 and once again Jason is resurrected by an electrical cable attached to a boat that hits the chains that are wrapped around him.
At this time a group of teenagers are boarding a cruise ship that is going to take them to Manhattan. Of course, Jason finds his way onto the ship and finds it filled with things he can kill and he does just that.
Once the ship reaches Manhattan, we see Jason for the first time in a city environment and we see him chase his targets into sewers underneath the city, while in these sewers Jason is killed again by being emerged in toxic waste and he is reduced to his former child self.
Everything that made him and adult is burned away and he is what he was when he drowned all those years ago.

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