Friday, November 16, 2012

Nit-Picking: The Avengers

Now before I get into this I just want to say right from the start that I did enjoy The Avengers. I thought it was a good movie, which stumbled here and there but was still very much entertaining. Yet, it doesn’t save it from me nit-picking the things that I don’t like and that didn’t make any sense.
SPOILERS are ahead.
Let’s just get right into this, starting with Loki. Loki is back in the first few minutes of the movie and he starts to control the minds of S.H.I.E.L.D. agents, notably Hawkeye. Yet, the thing I don’t understand is why in the hell didn’t he just control Nick Fury, you know the director of this agency? If he just controlled Fury’s mind then his plan might have went together better, I mean the Avengers might have never assembled, because it was really Fury pushing for them to come together. If The Avengers never assembled then Loki could have had his aliens invade without any opposition. So, why didn’t he just use Fury or kill him? Oh, wait he did try to kill him, which brings me to my next point.
Why couldn’t Hawkeye kill Fury at point blank? Isn’t his whole deal accuracy and vision? I mean they do call him Hawkeye. Yet, he shoots Fury in the chest rather than just shooting him in the head. If they really wanted him dead how about shooting him not in the chest and then check whether or not he is alive after you shot him? My word no wonder Loki ended up loosing in the end.
While on the subject of Hawkeye, I felt cheated by this character. For half of the movie he’s not himself, and for a character that didn’t get his own movie before The Avengers they really should have developed him more. He basically goes from being good, to bad and back to good. That’s it for him. Hawkeye is an interesting character and I would’ve liked to see him do more as Hawkeye not mind-controlled Hawkeye.
Next let’s talk about the Hulk. The whole movie we see him struggling with not letting the “other guy” come out and how he doesn’t know exactly how to control the Hulk. Fast forward to the end, Bruce Banner reveals his secret of controlling the hulk is that he is always angry. What? He then can transform into the Hulk at will and control him.
So, where was this control when he decided to go berserk on the S.H.I.E.L.D. helicarrier? Do you expect me to believe that he just learned to control it while he drove a moped into New York City? Why does he know how to control it now? Well, whatever I guess they just needed the Hulk to fight against the aliens that seem to have no tactics or effective weapons.
Why can’t these aliens kill one Avenger? Or maybe just injure one? The alien army just seems to be getting mowed down left and right. They were just ineffective, you think being an intelligent alien race that they would have more accurate weaponry and effective armor … not the case.
Yet, are Avengers have some great equipment from their suits, to their weapon of choice and don’t forget about the ear pieces they DON’T WEAR.
During the final battle the Avengers are able to talk to one another through ear pieces that aren’t in their ears. I don’t know maybe they are telepathic or the ear pieces were supposed to be animated in later but they just forgot. Any care they don’t have anyway to communicate with one another but they are. It looks funny once you notice this.
Now, I’m going to conclude with Thor. In the movie Tony Stark/Iron Man says that Thor is a demigod. Thor is just a god, he isn’t a demigod. You see in order to qualify as a demigod you need to have one parent who is a god and the other has to be human, that’s how a demigod works. In Thor’s case he’s just a god. His parents were Odin and Jord who were both gods, which makes Thor a god not a demigod. After all it’s Thor God of Thunder not Thor Demigod of Thunder.
I could go on and list every little mistake due to cuts and everything but let’s face it that would be just tedious to read. Yet, there are more than a few mistakes in the movie and if you watch carefully you can spot them.