Thursday, February 5, 2009

Friday the 13th Retrospect Part III

Once Jason returns to his stomping grounds, he comes across a house that is home to Tommy Jarvis and his mother, sister and dog. He lets this house be for now and moves to the house next door to it, where a group of teenagers are renting.
Jason once again kills the teenagers and then moves his sights on the home of Tommy Jarvis.
Jason picks off the mother and then works his way to Tommy’s sister, as Jason is trying to kill Trish Jarvis; Tommy shaves his head to look like a young Jason and tries to distract the now mute killer. Much like what the heroine tried in Jason’s first murderous rampage with his mothers head.
Jason falls into a trance and this allows Tommy to hack away at Jason until his head was split – killing him.
Crystal Lake goes silent after this and the Jason murders have all but stopped since his stand off with Tommy Jarvis. The years pass by and we soon find ourselves in 1989. Tommy Jarvis is now a 17 year old boy and he’s being transported to a camp for troubled teens, Pinehurst halfway house.
Jarvis is still haunted of visions of Jason, the man that is the reason for all of his problems. Yet, it’s been years since a Jason murder was reported and he’s believed to be dead.
Which isn’t entirely true, the real Jason might be dead but his image has been taken by another. See in this same year an ambulance driver by the name Roy Burns had taken up the guise of Jason and had began to kill the residents of the home for troubled teens.
The reason behind his murderous rampage is similar to Mrs. Voorhees’; he is seeking revenge for the death of his son, who was killed by one of the other teens.
Tommy finally faces off with the masked killer and he is thrown from the rafters of a barn to the ground below, when they look to see the body laying lifeless they see that the mask has fallen off and it reveals the true identity of the killer.
Nine years will pass since Jason’s death at the hands of Tommy Jarvis and the year is now 1990, which would put it a year after the events at the troubled teen camp and make Jarvis 18 years old.
Jarvis is still haunted by visions of Jason and decides to sneak out of the institution, where he is residing and return to Crystal Lake and to the grave of Jason Voorhees.
The corpse of Jason now lies in a grave in the Eternal Peace Cemetery; Jarvis quickly digs him up and unseals the coffin to reveal the rotting corpse of Jason.
Jarvis takes one look at him and the memories come rushing back and he looses it. Jarvis grabs a metal rod and starts to stab Jason in the heart, repeatedly. Once he gotten most of his aggression out, Tommy climbs out of the ditch and grabs gasoline and prepares to cremate Jason.
As Tommy is preparing his supplies the rain storm becomes more ferocious and a bolt of lighting strikes the metal rod that sticks out of Jason’s heart, causing him to come back from the dead.
Jason quickly kills Tommy’s friend, but Tommy is able to escape, as Jason picks up his hockey mask and places it back onto his face and prepares himself for more violent deeds.
During this time we learn that Camp Crystal Lake is no longer called Crystal Lake but Camp Forest Green and Jason has become something of a legend in the town, a legend in which they are all trying to forget.
Tommy makes his way to the sheriff’s station and tells them about Jason’s resurrection and of course they think he’s crazy and place him in a cell.
While Jarvis is trying to prove that Jason has returned, Jason himself is back to his old tricks and murdering off counselors at the newly re-opened camp. Yet, he’s true goal is to face Tommy Jarvis once again and he does this, but looses.
Tommy wraps a chain around Jason’s neck and knocks him into the lake and like when he was a child, Jason drowns again and once again Jason is defeated.
After these events this would be the last time we see Tommy Jarvis face Jason Voorhees, but it will not be the end of the Jason legend.

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