Friday, February 13, 2009

Friday the 13th Retrospect Part VII "The Final Part"

In the tenth chapter in Jason legacy we see Mr. Voorhees captured and in a research facility in the year of 2010. He was captured in the year 2008 and we learn that he was executed multiple times, in multiple ways and nothing has worked. He of course escapes from his chains in this facility and starts killing and as he chases his last female victim they both end up in a cryo tube and both cryogenically frozen.
Since no one ever went looking for the missing Jason Voorhees, he’s frozen until the year 2455 and so is Rowen, the women he was trying to kill.
A group of students and their teacher come across the frozen bodies, as part of a learning experience on the destroyed Earth.
Jason and Rowen then end up on a space cruiser and learn that the year is 2455.
Jason soon comes to on the ship and kills the students that inhabit it. The remaining crew must survive Jason’s dark deeds, as they make their way to Earth 2.
During this process, Jason is blown to a million pieces by a women robot, but he is then later reanimated by these worm like things and Jason is then built into Uber-Jason, a metal version of his old self and he looks much more built in muscle mass.
Eventually as they approach Earth 2 and escape their ship through a pod, we see Jason being sucked out into space and start flying towards the rest of the survivors. He is soon intercepted by Sgt. Brodski who saves the remaining crew by tackling Jason in space and sends him hurdling towards Earth 2.
We see Jason, the man who has been haunting people for year’s burns up in the atmosphere of the Earth 2.
Jason’s burnt up body crashes into a lake (which might be Crystal Lake 2) and his mask becomes separated from his body.
It’s unclear that Jason is dead or not, two people sitting by the lake notice him and Sgt. Brodski hurdling down from space but mistake it as a shooting star. We know that they are going over to the landing site of Brodski and Jason, but this happens off screen, because the chapter ends after they say they want to go check it out.
Final Words: The Friday the 13th series has seen many changes through the years, some good and some just a little strange. Yet, in the end we still have a wide variety of movies that might not be Oscar winning, but they're entertaining.
Now with the release of the new Friday the 13th we'll see the rebirth of a horror icon and I'm just hoping that they don't forget who Jason is and stick with the series roots and make sure it still feels like a Friday the 13th movie.
The biggest concern I have with the reboot is if they will reveal too much of Jason's back story, like in the new Halloween I thought the film was dragged down by watching Michael Myers as a kid and also I think it made him less scary. So, I hope that Friday the 13th goes by the motto the less we know the scarier it is.
NOTE: The reason Freddy Vs. Jason was mentioned before Jason X is because I was sticking to timeline and the events of Freddy Vs. Jason take place before Jason X.

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I remembered the first season DVD was released around September 2008.