Friday, April 12, 2013

Is Jurassic Park 3D worth it?

Recently I revisited Isla Nublar when I saw “Jurassic Park 3D”!
Jurassic Park” is the film that really changed the way movies are made. It introduced us to CGI and brought back dinosaurs after their 65 million year extinction.
Now, this being the films 20th anniversary year, Universal has re-released the film in 3D.
I’m usually against the use of 3D, but “Jurassic Park” pulls it off. For post-conversion the 3D looked amazing.
There are some parts where the effects are starting to show their age. The brachiosaurs scene, where it sneezes, the animatronic looks great but the CGI looks a little rough. The next scene where the CGI looked a little rough was the kitchen scene. The CGI is starting to show its age but then again the film is going to be 20 years old.
Everything else looked great. The clean up they did for 3D makes the film look even better than its Blu-ray release.
After 20 years the film still holds up and seeing it on the big screen again just gives you a warm feeling inside. There is nothing like seeing “Jurassic Park” on the big screen.
I highly encourage everyone to go out and see “Jurassic Park 3D”. The movie is a classic and the 3D is worth it this time around.


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LucasArts closes and 'Star Wars 1313' goes with it

Disney shut the doors to game studio, LucasArts last week and with it has left an interesting “Star Wars” video game with an uncertain future.
“Star Wars 1313” was a game that was announced last year at E3 (electronic entertainment expo) and since then it has been only gaining our interest. What we saw of the game, we could tell that it was going to be a third-person action-adventure and also be a grittier take on the “Star Wars” universe. It had “Star Wars” fans intrigued.
Now, after waiting for this game to come out we’ve learned that it is most likely completely dead, due to Disney closing down LucasArts. Also, to make it worse, it has now been reported that Bounty Hunter Boba Fett was going to be the main protagonist.
For those of you who aren’t acquainted with Fett, let me fill you in. Fett is a bounty hunter who most people were introduced to in 1980s “Star Wars Episode V: The Empire Strikes Back.” In that movie he ruthlessly hunted down the Millennium Falcon to capture its captain, Han Solo.
It is hard to pinpoint why Fett is so popular. It could be the armor he wears. It could be the jet pack on his back. It could be that he shows no fear when talking to Darth Vader or it could be all these things put together. Bottom line, Fett is a mysterious and intriguing character in the “Star Wars” universe.
“Star Wars 1313” sounded like it was finally going to put us into the role of this bounty hunter, something that fans wanted for a longt ime, but it seems like we’ll still be waiting for that day.
There is always hope that someone will buy the game from Disney and finish it, but let’s not hold our breaths.
With all that said, I’m disappointed that Disney closed down LucasArts. The studio has been around as long as I can remember and I hope that Disney knows what they are doing. Yet, if we don’t get a Boba Fett video game maybe we’ll see a Boba Fett movie.