Friday, November 21, 2008

Sex Drive Fails To Reach Its Destination

I really do look forward to watching teen comedies, because in the past there has been a select few that really proven themselves.
I went into Sex Drive, looking or more expecting a decent teen movie that’s not great but something you can watch, enjoy and then just move on. What I got was a movie that I just felt was trying to hard, I will admit there are scenes in this movie that will make you laugh out loud, but the three main characters are such duds that I really could of cared less about them.
Before I get into ranting about the films short comings I will fill you in on the plot. The movie revolves around Ian (Josh Zuckerman), who is the 18-year-old awkward kid in high school that has a hard time figuring out girls and of course he’s a virgin. He is also riveted by his online girlfriend who calls herself Ms. Tasty (Katrina Bowden).
Of topic for a moment, I want to say that never set up meetings with people you meet online, especially if their name is Ms. Tasty.
Back on topic, we soon meet Ian’s best friend named Lance (Clarke Duke), who is chubby, has zits and gets any girl he wants by acting like a jerk to them. I hated this character, he was awful, and they seemed to be trying to copy Jonah Hill from Superbad but made him less lovable and funny. I found this kid to be my least favorite out of the three main characters.
So Ms. Tasty finally decides she wants to meet Ian in person and Ian wants to drive from Wisconsin to Tennessee to get guaranteed sex. Their other friend Felicia (Amanda Crew) joins them for the trip and we learn that she has a crush on Lance, like every other female in this movie.
Now how are they going to get down there you might ask, well that’s the best part of the movie. Ian has a brother named Rex (James Marsden) who has a fully restored 1969 GTO named “The Judge”. Rex is the saving grace of this movie, he is hilarious. All his dialogue is funny and the scene where he finds out his brother took his car is just priceless.
So, on their road trip to meet Ms. Tasty they pass through Amish country and it's the day of the annual Amish sex orgy, and Lance meets sexy Mary (Alice Greczyn), who he falls head over heels in love with. We also meet Ezekiel (Seth Green) who is the other funny part of this movie; they really should make a sequel just about Rex or Ezekiel.
They finally get to Tennessee with a lot of shenanigans on the way that range from some small laughs to very few big laughs.
Did I like this movie, not really, I can’t sit here and say that you need to go and see this movie right now! I suggest that if you want to watch the movie to either wait for DVD or TV.
I will say this, if they had a better person to play Lance it would have been a lot better. It’s not a movie that has so much bad that it makes it unwatchable, but it’s not a movie that has so much good that it makes it a good movie. I think Sex Drive sits on the fence of half bad and half good.
**out of Four

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