Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Strange Happenings at Old Bristol House

By James Drzewiecki
Staff Writer

BRISTOL — Voices, knocking and strange lights are common in a home located at 443 Burlington Ave. and the family wants answers.

Jamie Perchiano moved his family in four years ago and ever since then they’ve been experiencing what they believe to be paranormal activity.

"We just started hearing random noises, like knocks and ticks," Perchiano said. "I spoke to my landlord about it, and he had told me that the house is over 300 years old. He then explained to me that there was an underground tunnel used for slaves."

The tunnel underneath the house runs the entire perimeter of the foundation. In the tunnel Perchiano has found several different items, including animal bones, broken plates and even a shoe.

All these things intrigued Perchiano, but one thing that does bother him is when his 4-year-old son, Aidan, is bothered by whatever is happening inside the house.

"My son has been waking up every night," Perchiano explained, "that’s why my wife and I decided to call a paranormal team from Seymour and we did an investigation. They checked out the basement, they checked out the tunnel and we left a voice recorder in my son’s room."

The voice recorder did pick up some strange things, according to Perchiano who played a tape where sounds like a very strained voice saying "Aidan" can be heard.

The owner of the house, Brian Milano, lived there with his parents years before the Perchiano’s moved in. He didn’t have many experiences in the house, but he did have one that really stood out.

"I do remember seeing an image in the corner of a room," Milano said.

Milano explained how his mother, Marilyn, would always talk about the house having a ghost, but she wasn’t scared of it and believed it to be friendly.

The house, known as Rausley Upson Place, according to the records, was built circa 1830 and stands on what was once a part of the Upson family farm. The land was owned by Asa Upson, who never actually lived in the house. Asa died from a fit in 1807, about 27 years before the house was built.

Following Asa’s death, tragedy seemed commonplace in the Upson family. A year later, Asa’s grandson, Job Upson, cut his own throat, according to Congregational Church records. No one knows where exactly Job died, but because his death was deemed a suicide, he wasn’t allowed to be buried on consecrated ground.

"Most of the members of the Upson family at the time were buried in the Old North Cemetery," said Jay Manewitz, the historical research librarian at the Bristol Public Library.

"I could find no documentation that Job was buried in that cemetery or any other one in Bristol," he said. "I’m wondering what could have been the cause of the suicide. Maybe Job received a much smaller portion of Asa’s estate than he felt he deserved. This, of course, is speculation on my part."

Job’s death wasn’t the last in the records. Asa’s two sons, Samuel, age 12, and his infant brother, Samuel A., both died of typhus fever.

"It’s possible that their spirits inhabit the Upson property," Manewitz projected.

The tunnel beneath the house is believed to be tied to the underground railroad, but there is no evidence that the house was a station on the fabled route used by slaves eluding capture.

Yet, the Upson’s Congregational minister, Leverett Griggs, was an abolitionist.

"It would not be surprising if some members of his congregation felt as strongly as their minister concerning the issue of slavery and actively supported runaways," Manewitz said.

It’s a long and interesting history tied to the land, the house and the Upson family, a history, the Perchiano family, hopes will shed some light on whatever is happening in their home.

"I just want answers," Perchiano said bluntly. "I want to know why and who’s getting in contact with my son?"


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