Monday, February 2, 2009

Friday the 13th Retrospect Part I

It all began Friday, June 13, 1946, in Cunningham County, Connecticut. A baby boy named Jason was born to Pamela and Elias Voorhees. Jason was slower then other kids and also deformed looking, but Pamela Voorhees loved her son no matter what.
In the summer of 1957, Jason attended Camp Crystal Lake. His mother was working at the camp as a cook at the time, so she could be close if Jason every needed her.
While she was working, Jason was left in the care of the camp counselors. Jason was going to go swimming and it was up to the counselors to watch him, but they let their hormones get the better of them and they ended up leaving Jason and went to fulfill their own needs.
Jason was left alone by the lake and he enters the water. It has been stated that Jason was not a very good swimmer and with no one watching him, Jason started to struggle and eventually he drowned.
After Mrs. Voorhees lost her son, she went crazy. She swore that she will take revenge on the people who were responsible for Jason’s death.
She went quite for about a year and in that year she planned out her gruesome revenge. When the summer of 1958 rolled around she returned to the camp and killed the counselors that were supposed to be watching the children. After these murders the camp was closed and Mrs. Voorhees had her victory.
Years would pass and they attempted to once again re-open Camp Crystal Lake, but Mrs. Voorhees would not have any of this. She set fire to the camp and poisoned the camps water supply; these events would cause the camp to obtain the name “Camp Blood”.
The camp remained a sleeping dog until the year of 1979. Steve Christy, son of previous camp owners, hired a new group of camp counselors and tried to re-open the once plagued camp grounds.
Mrs. Voorhees got wind of this news and started to spy and stalk the camp grounds and the counselors. Under the cover of darkness and a wicked rain storm, Mrs. Voorhees snuck into the camp and kills Steve Christy and the six hired counselors.
The only survivor of this horrific event was a girl named Alice. She was able to fight off Mrs. Voorhees and decapitated her with a machete. Alice then climbs into a canoe and rows out into the center of the lake and falls asleep.
As she awoke the next morning she could see the police calling her name from the shore. Everything seems fine until a deformed child jumps out of the water, which is Jason, and pulls her into the lake.
This was all a dream, since Alice awakes unharmed in a hospital bed and the police confirm that she was dreaming.
There is a lot of ways to look at this, for one that it was a dream, but what makes more sense that it wasn’t. You see when Pamela Voorhees was killed that vengeful spirit that drove her was passed back to Jason; this explains why Jason keeps coming back and why he seems to possess such superhuman powers (tissue regeneration) and also why Jason was able to resurrect himself from the bottom of the lake. Or, you can look at it this way, you can say that Pamela never had the spirit and when she was killed that only irritated the spirit that still possessed Jason, causing him to rise from his grave. So where does this spirit come from, well I’ll explain it.
The answer doesn’t lay with Pamela Voorhees it actually lays with Jason’s father, Elias Voorhees.
Elias was born to an American woman and a native American medicine man who was the one that possessed spiritual powers that were eventually passed on to his son. So when you have a vengeful Native American spirit joined with Pamela Voorhees schizophrenia, actually allowed the spirit to become stronger and pass to their son Jason. This spirit was the cause of Jason’s disfigurement at birth and when Pamela Voorhees died it once again was sent back to Jason and his reign of terror was only beginning.


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