Wednesday, April 13, 2011

It's A 'Rap'

PLYMOUTH — Within the labyrinth of Webster’s Used Auto Parts, a production crew from Bristol fought through the mud and rain Tuesday to film the last scene in an upcoming Q Strange music video.
Q Strange, or Josh Fiore, is a rapper from Providence, R.I., who came to Connecticut to finish working with Maria Elena Productions, the Bristol outfit that did the Jason “Fury” Flores video called “Bristol State of Mind.”
“This is the last day of shooting; it was a three-day shoot. It took a little bit of time because of scheduling and we had to meet up, but we did a couple of shots of two different bars in Rhode Island,” Q Strange said Tuesday.
Q Strange and Fury have done several shows together and once Q Strange saw Fury’s video, he wanted to work with Maria Elena productions.

“I love hip hop and the music they make,” director Ranses Rodriguez said.
Rodriguez attended Middlesex Community College and was involved with the broadcast communications program. While he was at school, three of his projects were chosen for the college’s Arts and Media Festival. He now makes his home in Bristol.
“I worked with Fury, I directed his ‘Bristol State of Mind.’ Through him I met Q Strange and they allowed me to work with him,” Rodrigquez said.
The last scene they were shooting is set in a scrap yard, an idea that came from Rodriguez.
“This was all his idea,” Q Strange said of Rodriguez. “He just took the song and just kind of visualized what he wanted it to look like and he found the location. We’re happy with it.”
The video is expected to be released in about a week.

PHOTO CREDIT/CAPTION: Mike Orazzi | Staff Jack Beazly, Michael Pereira, Ranses Rodriguez and Josh Fiore after filming a rap music video at Webster Auto Parts in Terryville on Tuesday.

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