Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Top 10 'Lost' Moments


10. The Incident: Man In Black talks to Jacob: After seasons of mystery surrounding the islands mysterious leader, Jacob, we’re finally introduced to him and his arch-nemesis. I like the scene because it really setup Jacob’s and MIB’s relationship. In this short scene we learn what their motivations are, which begins an interesting conflict.

9. Through the Looking Glass: Jack's flash forward: During the first three seasons the stories of the lostaways before the island were told through a series of flashbacks. That all ended in the season finale of season three where we actually get a flash forward and learn that Jack, Kate and maybe others had made it off the island. This is one of the biggest jaw-dropping moments of the series.

8. Live Together, Die Alone: We're the "good guys": Ben Linus is simply one of the best characters on Lost, but before we knew him as Ben his name was Henry Gale. Throughout season 2 Henry was being held prisoner in the Dharma hatch named The Swan, that the lostaways had taken over. He was basically the Trojan horse for the others. At the end of season 2 we learn that he is in fact the leader and this scene he also claims to be the “good guys".

7. The End: Anti-Locke vs. Jack: The best showdown in the series was between Anti-Locke (the MIB in Locke’s body) and Jack. At this point of the episode, Desmond has uncorked the island (yes, the island has a cork that holds back evil) and it’s falling into the ocean. Yet, the before un-killable Anti-Locke has now become vulnerable since the island as been uncorked and Jack is looking to finish him off once and for all.

6. The Man Behind the Curtain: Ben wipes out Dharma: In this episode we see Ben, well become Ben. One of the most haunting scene’s in Lost history, it shows how Ben will stop at nothing to protect the island.

5. Deus Ex Machina: Locke struggles with faith: The first season had a lot of powerful scenes but the ones that I found the most rewarding where the ones that involved John Locke. In this scene we see that Locke has become victim of a con, a con that his own father orchestrated. It’s such a powerful scene because here is a man that has lost so much in his life and loosing his faith only to gain it back is beautiful.

4. Orientation: John and Jack argue about the button: Locke and Jack have always had confrontations, because John is a man of faith and Jack is a man of science. In this scene wee see Locke desperately wanting Jack to believe and to have him push a button to save the world in a hatch Locke discovered in the first season. John admits that it has never been easy to have faith and pushing the button is a leap of faith. The performances given in this scenes are very powerful and my favorite Jack and Locke scene.

3. Through the Looking Glass: Charlie's Death: Charlie’s death is probably the most talked about death scene in Lost. This scene is very sad, we loose one very likable and important character, but it’s also beautiful because he sacrifices himself to save the other lostaways.

2. Pilot: Jack wakes up in the jungle and the plane wreckage: The scene that started it all; the scene that hooked us and kept us all the way until the end.

1. Walkabout: John Locke Walks: The best scene in the entire series. We knew very little about Locke before this episode and when the scene came where we learn Locke was in a wheelchair before the island, my mind was blown. This is the scene that made me a die hard Lost fan.

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