Wednesday, March 10, 2010

New Super Mario Bros. Wii Review

I know I haven’t done a game review in a very long time, but I’ve just finished New Super Mario Bros. Wii and I thought what a perfect game to do a review on.
New Super Mario Bros. Wii is a new 2D Mario platformer, something we haven’t seen in years.
The game plays very much like Super Mario Bros. 3 and Super Mario World. It brings back the Koopa Kids, who are awesome, and all the great classic gameplay we loved from those classic Mario titles.
That’s the biggest complaint when I talk about this game or even read about it. People can’t just have fun with the game they have to over think things and look at this game not as a step forward but a step backwards, but that’s where this game gets all its charm.
Yes, the game does not do anything really innovative and yes it lacks online play but who cares? A game like this you don’t need online play, I rather play with people in the same room then some stranger across the world. This game isn’t Modern Warfare 2 and I don’t really think it would have benefited all that much from online. With that said let’s dive in to the game.
The first thing I want to talk about is the cool new feature that gives you the ability to have up to four friends play the same level with you at the same time! Yes, there is no more waiting to play your level or pausing the game to make the second player die so you can have your turn (you know you all did it) you can play the same level and help one another out in tight situations.
Yes, the game can get challenging in some places, not The Lost Level challenging but challenging enough to give the veteran Mario players some trouble.
The only problem I have with this mode is the character selection. You have Mario and Luigi, of course, and then Blue Toad and Yellow Toad? Nintendo what’s up with that? You couldn’t off thrown another character in there? It would have been fun to play as Wario, Donkey Kong or even a Shy Guy, but another Toad? You know that’s just lazy.
The story in the game is not groundbreaking or revolutionary, it’s just classic Mario. Princess Peach once again gets kidnapped by the Koopalings and Bowser Jr. on her birthday. They do this by sneaking into the castle in a cake, popping out of it and throwing the cake on Peach and then moving it into their airship.
It’s now up to Mario, Luigi, Blue Toad and Yellow Toad (they should of at least have given them names) to trek across the Mushroom Kingdom and rescue the Princess.
The worlds are setup the way they were setup in Super Mario Bros. 3 and Super Mario World. The music is still the same in some levels and Yoshi once again makes an appearance as Mario’s noble stead. Yet, even after all these years if Yoshi get’s hit once he drops Mario and runs away, what’s up with that? If you do finish a level with Yoshi you do not get to keep him like Super Mario World. Mario will jump off Yoshi and wave to him and continue onto the next level. That means that Yoshi is only in a few levels, but the ones he’s in were my favorites.
You can play through the game in an hour or so (that’s if you don’t stop to collect everything and unlock every path way). The multiplayer is great and the gameplay makes the replay value very high. The graphics might not be cutting age and the two toads gets confusing but you can look beyond all that because it's such a solid and fun game.


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