Thursday, July 31, 2008

Spidey Is Swinging Back Into Theaters In 2011

It's official Columbia Pictures will be making "Spider-Man 4" and they are looking for a May 2011 release date.

Sam Raimi, the director of Spider-Man one through three was recently at Comic-Con and he will be producing and he did show interest in directing it.

His only hope is that they will show him the script when it's done.

He also said if he did direct it the original cast would return. Yet, do we really want another Spider-Man?

"Spider-Man 3" was a boring movie that loved itself too much and ruined one of the comic book's iconic villains - Venom.

I mean the third film tied up all the story lines that were introduced during one and two and gave us an ending. It wasn't good, but it was an ending.

Why don't they all forget about Spider-Man, leave it as a trilogy and move on to another hero. Spider-Man 4 can only be good if they act like the third one never happened and follow the same formula they used for the second film.


Anonymous said...

No not a fourth one!

Anonymous said...

hopefully it will be much better then the third spidey

Anonymous said...

Bring back Venom or they should have Carnage.

Anonymous said...

This movie won’t get made, because as much as I enjoyed Spider Man and Spider Man 2, Spider Man 3 was terrible. Watching Spider Man 3 it just seemed like everyone was tired of doing their characters, especially Tobey Maguire and Kirsten Dunst. Both of them just seemed like they were over "Spider Man". And the way Sam Raimi directed Spider Man 3 he just seemed like he was over the franchise too.

Anonymous said...

Spiderman 3 was hands down the worst piece of garbage movie I've ever seen. Everything about that movie was bad and a complete betrayal to the fanbase.

Bret said...

Why so much hate for Spider-Man 3??? I mean everyone complains about Venom, but I don’t care I think Venom is over used in the comic books. I thought Sandman was a great bad guy and the fight in the subway was awesome. I mean I also liked when Venom showed up half-way through the movie. Everyone praises The Dark Knight and Two-Face showed up half way through the movie and you don’t hear anyone complain about it.