Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Jeff Bridges Returns to the World of Tron

Its official, Tron 2 is filming. Jeff Bridges returns to the big screen as computer hacker who in the original was sucked into a video game.
It's being reported that the film will be made within 24 months, which means we'll most likely see Tron 2 in theaters in the year 2010. I believe it will be a 2011 date, because I’ll count in if the movie ever gets delayed.
The movie will be shot in 3-D and Michael Wilkinson will be the costume designer, which I have high hopes for. If you don’t know who Wilkinson is he did the costume work for the upcoming film Watchman and the action-packed film 300.
Jeff Bridges feels pretty positive about the movie after seeing the script. He also feels that the technology is at the right place to make this movie not only about a man who gets sucked into a video game.
With that said I do believe that Tron 2 is going to have some challenges and here they are.
First, I don’t really know many people who still remember Tron, if you ask anyone that is under twenty they always seem to draw a blank. They can market this movie to death, but I do think when Tron 2 comes out people under 20 are still going to be asking “what is Tron?”
Second, the director, Joseph Kosinski, who is he? I looked him up on Internet Movie Data Base and found out that this will be his first movie in the directing chair. He’s also signed up to do the remake of Logan’s Run, so let’s all hope that he is up for the task not only for Tron’s sake but for Logan’s Run as well.

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