Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Untitled Batman Project

I’ve just found out that Christopher Nolan, the director of Batman Begins and The Dark Knight, has another Batman project in the works. The project is currently titled Untitled Batman project, but I think it’s safe to say that it’s the sequel to The Dark Knight.
As for casting, I do know that Christian Bale, Michael Caine and Gary Oldman are all under contract for three films. There is also a rumor floating around that Harvey Dent “Two-Face” played by Aaron Eckhart will be returning for the third film (that’s only a rumor though).
The other rumors I’ve heard all have to do with the possible villains. I know that Catwoman is a very strong possibility and so is The Riddler, fans have also been asking to see The Penguin once again on the big screen and there is also talk that they might recast The Joker (which I don’t want to happen).
I’ll keep you updated with any information I receive.


Milan D. said...

Nolan has already said that characters like the penguin are not going to be in his rendition of batman.
personally I think riddler is a decent candidate.

Silhouette said...

they've only got two options as far as brining the Joker back. The obvious course of action, Don't, Don't recast him, don't bring him back, maybe give him some verbal cameo in the movie. Or Option two, recast him, but completely change the vision that became the new Joker, Give him a personality adjustment, which i suppose if they did that they could pass the personality shift off as a side effect to his stay at Arkham. But what they can't do is recast someone and expect him to be able to pull off Heath Ledgers rendition of Joker.

jram210 said...

why not bring the penguin in? i see alot of possibilities bringing the penguin in. the riddler to me is just another joker who asks riddles....i like the penguin idea best. you can make that character darker and more sinister than the joker (although, noone will ever pull that joker off again, except maybe johnny depp).

SrgntSoreBalls said...

Nolan has NOT said that penguin is not going to be in his rendition of batman. What he said was that the Penguin would be DIFFICULT to pull off. Thus Nolan left pen the possibility, but acknowledged its difficulty without someone like Danny Davito doing the roll, since there just aren't that many actors with the proper stature.

What Nolan has said is he will not add Robin in his rendition

jram210 said...

i think he should bring in dick grayson, but not neccessarily make him robin...just bring in the boy before he becomes robin you know? i think it can be just as dark a story as bruce's...way better than val kilmer/chris o'donnell

Goodeye said...

They are definetly having the riddler in this one. I know because I have done etensive reseach. Also if you look closely in Batman Begins you see that Batman tossis a boy somthing while his parents/FOSTER parents are fighting and Robbin basicly has no family so put two and two together. SO Robbin may be in the next movie or the one after that if their is one.

Biggs said...

I looked up "Harley Quinn" on google images, clicked on the 2nd picture at the top, then clicked "See full sized image" it leads you to Photobucket, clicked seven times to the right and saw this picture.
it looks like it could be the cover for the next batman movie. The actress is Kristen Bell.

Luke said...

I think they can cast penguin but just as a mobster. This batman series is just to realistic for a tiny guy with penguin goons. Just cast someone as a dark sinister mobster. I like to see philip seymour hoffman play this kind of character.

jram210 said...

I agree with luke completely. That's how I envisioned the Penguin.

mooner said...

I think that the penguin could be donne in Nolan´s criterium, but there are a lot off other scenes and charactrs I´d like to see. Bruce`s new love interest,his parents grave scene, Deadshot,... But I realy hope the story over all is plousable, and not like the dark knight.

preston said...

ive been told that The Riddler is gonna be the main bad guy from a friend in the field, with possibly Johhny Depp playing him. Eddie Murphy's name was also thrown in, but since Riddler is white, i dont think it would work..and eddies comedy is different. personally, itd be funny if they got Jim carrey to reprise his role as the Riddler but i doubt thats a possibility. Bane should be a bad guy. not the one from the 90's series...cuz man, they had Bane wrong. bane is brawn and brains in one and is the one responsible (in the comic books) for breaking Batman's back. or Hush, a childhood friend of Bruce set out to kill bruce out of jealousy. Hush would be good.

Anonymous said...

I think The Joker must be recast for the third movie. I appreciate the loyalty that some people are showing towards Heath's performance but saying it can't be topped is nonsense. Daniel Day Lewis (arguably the greatest character actor ever) would do an amazing job. I reckon the story should feature The Joker being treated in Arkham Asylum by Dr. Harleen Quinzel (aka Harley Quinn), with him slowly manipulating her to become his pawn on the streets of Gotham, and with her mainly attempting to finish his intentions of killing Batman. I also think The Penguin should feature in it. Not Tim Burton's stupid portrayal of him, more like a ruthless mob boss who has taken full advantage of Gotham while Batman has been laying low from the authorities. Possible cast: Harley Quinn - Brittany Murphy (Girl, Interrupted proves her psychotic credentials). The Penguin - Philip Seymour Hoffman (there should be no disputing this).

Darren M. Holmes said...

I do hear that Johnny Depp is interested in Playing the Riddler. If they do bring in Catwoman which they may just do it is going to be Halle Berry. Morgan Freeman did make a smart ass remark about whether the suite 'will stop a dog or even a cat.' So, right there it may just be her. I would however like to see the 'Real Bane' Saga come into this. He did cripple Batman and the whole Azriel story would be cool to see too.

Darren M. Holmes said...

And if they do Bring back the Joker. Yeah recast him, but recast him in a completely different aspect, meaning give him a makeover. I loved Heath Ledger's portrayal of him. Nicholson's was awesome as well. Maybe someone who can be that damn good would have to be Jim Carrey. I know he was the riddler but he is as crazy as the Joker is

jram210 said...

i know all you guy's want to open up the old lines and what not; bring in bane and what not. but i kinda like them going against that mindset. i don't want a pointy nosed penguin, i like the mob boss idea who just happens to carry and umbrella with him. as for the riddler, as cool as that sounds, it just really seems more like an over glorified joker that may actually take away from the story. but i do think depp can pull off a good riddler. i don't want it to be too campy. also, if they overhauled the joker, i think that would detract from the story too much just like the 4 part batman. it started off as a tim burton theme (cool) and ended up with costumes with nipples and radar satellite junk freezing the city. keep it real and down to earth, and almost believeable. old indiana jones, not space monkey indiana jones. also, hale berry already ruined the catwoman, to bring her back is just compining a bad movie with a great movie....and i'm rambling.

Darren M. Holmes said...

You are not rambling at all. Yeah she did destroy that side of the catwoman but she was portraying Eartha Kitt's Catwoman more than anyone else. Michelle Pfieffer did a good job she brought all out sexiness to it. The Penguin can be the Penguin but yeah lose the Umbrella make him way more sinister. The Bane Story is one of the Best story lines, I love it. It is what made the Dark Night that more dark. I think Nolan won't go campy and will keep it original. Heath's Joker was off the grid. Something completely new. The scars looked more like knife wounds and those yellow teeth. So it can happen with Riddler and Penguin. It just has to become so much more. Like the Riddler tells his riddles but holds people hostage and kills them. The Penguin may it be a street name more like that gangster-esque thing you want. Catwoman is next, but it is going to be the love they have more than anything. And who will if they do bring back the Joker they are going to have to re boot again. Maybe Adrian Brody, Emile Hirsch, or Michael Pitt. Those 3 I think could do it bring something to that character. LAstly, you know Depp hates campy. He won't play campy he will play dastardly very good. I betcha he will bring his mannerism of POTC and Hunter S Thompson mannerisms and combine the together, that is the riddler. Madness at its utter best.

ken90 said...

ok u all are stuck in the past movies! do something different like he did with scarecrow. I mean yeah you have to do Joker its like pb and j; cheese and crackers they are one and must go together. however what about the human bat? that would be intence, or crock or great white. what bout having the 3rd batman focused around hugo strangeand the joker and h.q. with D.A.V.E being the bad guy for the fourth movie? (if double sry)_

Nathan said...

The next Batman project has to be an adaptation of the Knightfall series. Batman is on the run from Gotham PD. Enter Bane who hunts him down and breaks his back. Bane reeks havoc over Gotham in an intelligent, calculating King Kong manner. Firefly comes in and takes advantage of the overly stressed Gotham PD and attempts to burn Gotham to the ground. Azrael is born, battles the mob and defeats Firefly with excessive force and impunity. Azrael fights Bane, but before Bane kills him Batman shows up on scene and the two team up to defeat him. Azrael kills a cripped, defenseless Bane and this forces Batman to fight Azrael. He breaks his one rule to defeat Azrael which causes Alfred to walk away from him. Batman works to restore his long held concepts of honor and justice and finds an apprentice, a young Dick Grayson.

Yaron said...

the riddler could be played by the following people:

1. geoffrey rush

2. christopher waltz

3. daniel day lewis

4. david bowie

the penguin:

1. Seymour Hoffman

2. Andy Serkis (the gollum)

3. benecio del toro

the new joker:

1. willem dafoe

2. Ben Whishaw


1. Jessica Biel

2. Ellen Page

3. Anne hathaway

the title of the movie could be:

the end of gotham city?

the question mark resembles the riddlers trademark

Yaron said...

I thought of the riddler -
that through out the film no one sees him until the middle part or towards the end. batman and others get riddles like the zodiac killer,
people all get killed in a bizzare way, all because they didn't answer right to his riddles.
victims get into mazes in abondened places old funhouses or hotels.
no one knows who he is, his face always in shadows or he wears a mask with a question mark all over his face sometimes could wear a diffrent identity, could be a homeless person or an old lady, or a limousine driver.wants to take over gohtam hacks computers and disorient and confuse the media with too much information.
teams up with the penguin, joker and two face thier goal to destroy gotham city, but betrays everybody.
catwoman is on her own,
but teams up with batman and robin.

Yaron said...

and i thought maybe robin could be played either by orlando bloom...or
Joseph Gordon-Levitt
(3rd rock from the sun)

Darren M. Holmes said...

Geoffrey Rush no too old. Wilem Dafoe, he won't play that. Johnny Depp is the only one who can pull of a Scary Riddler! Catwoman, Kate Hudson maybe, But in the Comic Catwoman was black, or mil-ado. So it has to be Someone like Halle Berry or Maybe Robin Thicke's wife Patty something, she was in the Deja Vu movie with Denzel. Jim Caviziel I can see as a new and improved Penguin. Danny Devito and Tim Burton brought an entirely different angle to the Penguin. In the COmic and TV show that is how is looks. Top Hot the Tux. Someone maybe older. Some of the Actors you said may not be the right meld for some of the Characters. I am not saying they are good, but they are not Top notch. They need top-notch acting!

Swenson said...

If they're going to bring in some form of Robin (or at least hint at it), maybe they'll use that kid Batman met in the first movie... his situation wouldn't work for Dick Grayson or Tim Drake, but maybe he'll end up being Jason Todd? If Nolan really does want to do "darker Batman", than Jason Todd's the only Robin I could ever see working...

Generazio said...

Okay people. This is how it should go down:

If Christopher Nolan wanted to get the Joker back in the 3rd film, I believe that he has 2 options:

1.) Don't re-cast and not have him in the film at all.
2.) Re-cast him with Joseph Gordon-Levitt. But put him through hell to be like Heath.

Now about the Riddler. CN also has 2 options with this:

1.) Get Jim Carrey to reprise his role. He did an amazing job.
2.) Get Johnny Depp to play him. His maddness is genious.

And with the Catwoman thing, read this:

And about the Penguin:
He is a noble, high-class person and he should be treated as such. Not like some street thug. Hell, even Alfred was his butler.

And everyone can forget about the whole Robin idea. He will NEVER do it.

Bane would be an excellent canidate for another villian.
Some posssible people:
Dalip Singh

The thing to consider the most is that CN is bringing people that have been off the radar for far too long. He took Gamble and put him in. Freaking GAMBLE! I'm pretty sure most people don't even know who he is. And look at what he has done for Scarecrow. The best thing he can do for the 3rd one is bring in a major character or two (The Riddler and Bane personally) and put in cameos of different characters and possibly hint at who they are.

Darren M. Holmes said...

We have to get the whole Bane idea out of everyone's head. The reason being if they do bring him in, then Azriel has to be in it as well. You can't have Bane and not Azriel it won't work. Their stories are aligned and etched in time. Reason being Azriel is the one that takes on Bane with that super-suit he has. I did a while back like the Spawn Dark Knight cross-over. It was fun, bloody and down right awesome. But that would never happen. We all know the debauchery that was Spawn, sorry Martin Sheen's character didn't kill Spawn, we all know Chapel did, but that is a movie that should be re-made, the right way!
Getting back to the Dark Knight villains. As I said in a previous post. Lucius Fox, Morgan Freeman's character did allude, or divulge to us that the 'Batman' suit can 'stop a cat.' If you all go back and listen to the early part of the movie and listen carefully when Christian Bale looks at the new suit and Lucius did have a new one. Listen to that entire scene and listen for the 'Cat' reference. Angelina Jolie even though she is gorgeous as hell. If anyone is a true comic book fan and has the Catwoman comics as I do. Then you should all know that Catwoman is black, or dark skinned. And knowing CN he is not going to put a wrestler into his films. He will find the right actor for Bane. And Johnny Depp has expressed interest in playing the Riddler. I can see Phillip Seymour Hoffman as playing the Penguin because Hoffman can play that sinister style of acting. And for Robin yeah the Dark Knight didn't have a side-kick so no worries there all.
Jim Carrey I think can play that JOker role to a T. Maybe not like Heath did but damn near close. Let's all not forget good ol' Jack's performance of the green-haired super smile. And with the new technology of Avatar and the life like 3-D capabilities we have now to make a life like human on screen we can just CGI the Joker if need be, make him look like Heath but have a new voice. And that is where Jim Carrey comes in. He is a master at impersonating voices. And let's not forget the ol' Wayne Manor. Remember it is getting rebuilt on top of the ol' 'Bat-Cave'. So let's keep our ears open and our mouths going. Remember all keep up on your Batman lore!

knicker007 said...

I think your ideas are awesome....but think about haveing them all in dark knight two...he doesnt have to fight them all but it brings them to life in a way...see your main villians would be two-face and the riddler. while doing his research and stalking he hears about or finds coonections with them.. like penguin is a mobster and batman knows that there is a catburgler but he has to help 2 face and find the riddler...this comment and i might be a little off in dark knight"one person or the entire mob" so you can mention other villans and still have your main ones. and i love the idea of while bruce is dating selina kile(catwoman) the go to the fair and see robins family get wacked. and right before the credits dick looks at bruce and says something like i want revenge or something like that and bruce says ill train you.then it would fade to black credits and nolan can hand over the reins to frank miller

Darren M. Holmes said...

Knicker007...That Frank Miller reference was awesome. I do agree with it and here's why. He created the Bane Series. But he is the one who killed off Robin. Robin is a obsolete character in the Dark Knight series. The love that Bruce and Selina have is that of a modern day Romeo and Juliet. The love is so strong, but the different backgrounds of Wayne and her background collide in so many ways. I feel that if the Bane series does get made. Have Frank Miller there as a producer because it is his story and he created it. He is also the one who made the Joker more evil and Diabolical, hence that is where Heath Ledger got his influence from was the Frank Miller Joker. They did make a reference, or Aaron Eckhart did that his 2-Face character is dead, dead, dead. That is not to say that they may bring him back. But if Depp comes in as the Riddler. THat role will give him that much deserved Oscar that we all know he needs. P.S. Hoffman as the Penguin and the mobster like portrayal of that is spot on. I agree 100% with that. He is the only actor that can bring that all out bad guy mentality to the role. He played a great bad guy in that shitty MI:3 movie, garbage movie, but Hoffman's role was the only thing that kept me awake. I think yeah bring them in. Instead of one villian at a time bring in the Penguin and 2-Face. But at least give Batman some help like the Catwoman. They fight each other in the beginning. She finds out who he is because maybe of a wound and she vows never to go after Batman, but to protect him and he her. Nolan has a way of surprising us in what he wants to do. We shall see though

Bret Johnson said...

the riddler will be played by johnny depp and catwoman will be played by maggie gyllenhaal who did not actually die in the dark night. she was severely wounded and cats will bring her back to life just like thew story of catwoman (knows who batmans identity really s but batman has no idea who catwoman is) and as far as the joker ive heard rumors that it will be played by leonardo decaprio, but those are just rumors i cant be for sure. and as far as two face i think this will be his movie as the main villian.

JimmyDThing said...

After seeing The Dark Knight and realizing that there would be some dilemma without Ledger as Joker for a third film... I thought immediately that using "The Dark Knight Returns" as a framing for the third film.

Nolan obviously wants this to END... and that would be a decent way to go about it. An older, cynical batman... and you could get away with a different Joker when he's that much older.

Just my 2 cents.

Darren M. Holmes said...

Bret Maggie Gyllenhall's character is DEAD!! She blew up in a fire. You see her getting blown to bits.

redchilean said...

ok have the riddler played by Depp but not like joker. i love the riddler but i must agree the he is like joker so. make him a detective that is hired to find out batman. make him an intellect person where he is a combination of Jigsaw from SAW and the computer genius. and for the can no ?-cane just a simple cane that has a sword in it so he would fight back in a completly diff way than other villians. he becomes obsess on finding out batman so he "riddle torture" ppl on getting info of batmans connections, have it where he finds out buce is batman and blackmails him brain stops at this point lol. no for penguin played by P.S. Hoffman. now i dnt know how to connect riddler with penguin soo ya. penguin is one of the mob bosses from the 2nd movie reason why he is not in the 2nd movie was that he knows about the jokers capabilities so he goes in hiding. the 3rd movie he emerges and takes over the mobs money and men. ( NOTE that joker only took half of the mobs money in the 2nd movie) so penguin becomes gothams kingpin. the name penguin... ok anyone who saw Guy Ritches film Snatch, remember Bricktop? have it where penguin kills his victims then disposes the evidence by feeding the body to his penguins. giving the name origin a dark meaning than rathe a stupid nose and short body. sooo open to comments =)