Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Donate to American Jubilee!

American Jubilee. Call for Donations

Please Support Local (Connecticut) Filmmaking!

Please Donate Today! ... We really need your help to make our feature film, American Jubilee. This entire film will be shot on-location in Connecticut with an All-CT-based crew!

We have the essential equipment and a great crew, but we need additional funds to purchase some additional needed supplies (for our Camera and Art Departments).

Please donate here (Secure/PayPal):

(Click-On Above Link, Scroll Down, and Click on "Donate" Button at bottom of page).

PayPal is a very secure site and we have had great success using this method for donations to this film.

By donating, you are helping brilliant artists/crafts-people in your own area (all CT residents). We need your help to keep films in Connecticut!

Increasing art/culture in our area only serves to make it more attractive (and property values can go up ... as well as making the area more vibrant). That's something we all would like.

Also - you are helping hard-working artists who really deserve it (we're currently in Pre-Production - ready to blast-off)!

American Jubilee is a feature length comedy (original script) with existential elements that tells the tale of a modern American family at odds with each other. The film will be a colorful portrayal of what it means to be in a family that believes they care about one another, but may actually be the cause of the problems that each member must overcome.

If you prefer to send us a check, please email me back and I will send you the business address for this (American Jubilee is officially registered with State and Federal Gov.).

Please help independent film (and all art) in your area by donating to a great local production!

Contact Ryan Casey:

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