Friday, August 9, 2013

Hoping 'American Horror Story' season 3 is better

“American Horror Story” will return for a third season on FX in October but my hopes are low after a disappointing second year.
This year the popular television show will focus on witches, with themes of race, oppression and family. It sounds interesting enough but will it fall into the same traps the second season did?
In it’s first season the show had an engaging story with interesting characters and kept a clear direction throughout its run. That all changed when it came to Season 2, which went off the deep end.
In the second year there were too many ideas. It felt as if the writers wanted to include everything they thought of — and they did. There was a Dr. Frankenstein character, aliens, a serial killer, even the Angel of Death. If you can’t understand how these things fit together, don’t worry, because no one could. It was a jumbled mess with no clear direction. For me, season two was a huge disappointment.
Now, with season three right around the corner, we have to hope the writers have learned from their missteps and bring back the style of season one.
I want a story with characters I can identify with. I want to see them focus on one thing and make that one thing work. In season one they focused on ghosts, so why can’t they just focus on the witches and leave it that. Less is more.
I also would like them tone down the violence. “American Horror Story” doesn’t need the over-the-top gore, its stories should be strong and scary on their own. The crew and writers need to have more faith in their work.
Season three of “American Horror Story” will premiere October 9 on FX.

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