Monday, March 30, 2009

Bruno Gets An NC-17

Sacha Baron Cohen’s newest film “Bruno” has been given a rating of NC-17 for graphic sexual content. In the film industry NC-17 means death, since studios won’t market a movie that carries that rating. The movie will need to cut the film down to receive an R-rating so it can be marketed and earn money in the box office.
A spokesman for Universal has given his thoughts on the matter, “It is far too early to say that there is any struggle (referring on getting an R-rating), and the process is only at its inception.”
Cohen has tested two versions of the film with audiences and reports are that both versions of the film were very successful with audiences.
What I have to say to this is keep the NC-17 rating, too many films loose so much of what they are when they are cut back. This is also the perfect film to carry a NC-17 rating because no matter what Cohen’s followers will go see the movie and with out a doubt it will still turn a profit and maybe then Hollywood will see that there is money to be made with NC-17 films and start to market them.

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