Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Scream 4 News

On Jan. 12, 2009, Bloody-Disgusting.com exclusively announced that Kevin Williamson will be returning to write the script for Scream 4 and the word on Wes Craven is that he still on the fence on whether or not to return to direct.
It has also been confirmed that the Wesinteins are defiantly moving forward on Scream 4 and are also trying to talk Wes Craven back to direct.
It is also said that this will be a younger version of the Scream movies and I guess they mean that they’ll be taking the story back to a high school environment. I’m all for that, but they need to also buckle down and get a good cast, because the original cast from Scream was great and really made the movie believable.
I also think that the movie can and will have a R rating, if it does have a PG-13 rating then we know we’re in for a movie that is going to suck and be like the Prom Night remake (note: no one watch that Prom Night remake it was awful).
I love the original Scream, it was on my 31 days of horror list and I consider it to be one of the greatest horror movies of all time, yet the sequels weren’t as good and I feel that might have been a little rushed. Now with Scream 4 I want them to take their time and really come up with an interesting story, one that can rival the original.
I know I've reported some of this before, but I'll continue to bring you updates on the project as they come in.
To read a little bit more about my thoughts on the original Scream, just click the link posted below.

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