Monday, April 6, 2009

Halo 3 Mythic Map Pack Coming Thursday

If you’re a Halo 3 fan then get ready for Thursday, April 9, because Bungie will be releasing the Halo 3 Mythic Map Pack. The pack will be 800 points (which is $10) with that you will get the following content.

Three New Maps:
Assembly was a map planned to be released with the Heroic Map Pack, then it got pushed back to the Legendary Map Pack, but was replaced due to the fear that it wouldn't be finished on time. The map is set in a Covenant Scarab Factory. Some say it is similar to the two Halo 2 maps, Midship and Warlock. Assembly is fit for mid-sized Slayer and Team Slayer battles, and also supports objective gametypes, other gameplay details are indefinite. The map is symmetrical and only the second Covenant map designed for Halo 3 to date.

Orbital is set on the Quito Space Tether, a UNSC space elevator. It is the first map in Halo 3 to be set in outer space. Orbital is described as having two main U-shaped corridors overlapping each other and having some interesting switches that grant access to certain areas of the map.

Sandbox is a tiered medium-large sized map, and is a crossover between the desert landscape of Sandtrap and the Forge flexibility of Foundry. Bungie stated that Sandbox will be "the ultimate Forge map". Many new Forge objects are added to give players more options to make their own custom-created maps including, but not limited to, a golf club called the 7 wood, a Golf Ball, and a tin cup (golf hole). Bungie has also confirmed the tiered nature of the map. It is split into the "Sky Bubble", “the ground” and the "Crypt." The Sky Bubble was designed so that Forge users could recreate maps akin to Guardian and Ascension since there is a grid only visible in Forge that will act as a death barrier, while the Crypt was added to create fully-enclosed arena maps using Grifball and similar gametypes. The ground was designed for vehicular maps more in the style of its larger brethren, Sandtrap. Every vehicle, weapon, and piece of equipment in Forge can be placed in the map.

Each of these maps are confirmed to have skulls. These skulls, when found, will activate new achievements.
The skulls, like the other ones, are meant to be very difficult to find. Yet, their location has already been posted online by an Xbox Live user.
This incident happened on Feb. 20, 2009, and this person was banned from Xbox Live for releasing this information.

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