Sunday, April 26, 2009

My Thoughts On The New Halloween 2 Trailer

This weekend the teaser trailer of H2: Halloween 2 debuted and I wanted it to succeed, for the sake of the franchise. Yet, after the trailer I know I’m most likely going to be disappointed, again.
First, when in the hell did Halloween become Friday the 13th? In the trailer we see Michael Myers being motivated by his mother in a ghost costume. I know most likely its Michael’s sick twisted mind and not his mother’s actual ghost, but when she says “kill her” it just seems very similar to Friday the 13th.
I’m not saying that it’s a rip off of Friday the 13th, but it does have the similar elements that just don’t seem to fit.
One thing I want to get out there is that Myers never had mommy issues like Jason had and seeing this trailer just pulls him further away from the mute killer that he once was. I really don’t want to see what motivates Michael; I just want to assume that he’s a psychopath that kills because he is evil at heart. That’s what makes him scary. Also, do we really need Michael’s mother in this – it just feels like that Zombie wanted to put his wife in the movie and that’s what he came up with.
Couple things I like about the trailer is how they’re continuing to make things seem more real. This is one thing I give Zombie credit for, he’s trying to do something different, but in the end he’s loosing the true spirit of the Halloween movies. Zombie’s other Halloween film had great promise but was bogged down by crappy dialogue and a congested story.
I also like what seems to be a very different Laurie. Zombie is taking her down a dark path, she seems very messed up and I’m interested in seeing how she develops. Will she deal with murder in lost like Michael (being his sister)? Or will she over come her demons and defeat him?
People always ask me why I didn’t like the Halloween remake, but liked the Friday the 13th one? And I’m going to clear that up right now. In my opinion Friday the 13th really wasn’t a remake and the great thing about that movie is it stuck to all the things that made the original franchise creepy, campy and funny. The big problem with the Halloween remake is it lost all the things that made the other films unique (especially the original). The film didn’t stay faithful to the original characters and the whole back story for Myers went on too long and gave us information I rather not know. I say it a million times, the less we know about these “boogeymen” the better, because it gives them that mystery element. An element I think is very important when dealing with slashers such as Myers or Voorhees.
In the end the trailer is overall disappointing, with the exceptions of a few things that look like they can evolve into something great. I’m not going to say this movie is going to suck, because I have to watch it before I come to a decision like that.

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