Sunday, August 9, 2009

Spielberg Looks To Take On Halo

It has been reported that Spielberg has been blown away by Stuart Beattie's script Halo: The Fall of Reach and Spielberg is looking for a tent pole movie to launch a new independent studio.
With Spielberg wanting to be attached to the project just gives the movie tons of credibility.
This Halo movie has tons of possibility and if they stick close to the mythology of it all, this can be one hell of a ride. They just need to cast someone great for the role of Master Chief, but I rather not see his face much and I don't want him to be talkative. Remember, Master Chief is a bad ass in the fashion of Clint Eastwood, a man of few words.
This can be great and let's all hope negotiations go well so we can see Halo on the big screen.

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