Friday, August 28, 2009

Steelers will go unbeaten, but Pats win Super Bowl

EA Sport’s Madden has picked the last five Super Bowl winners, so, I thought it would be interesting to have Madden predict an entire NFL season and see how close it can get.
All the rules are the same, there are 32 teams, I had injuries, trades and salary caps all turned on and then I pressed the start button.
I simmed all the way to the end of the season and here are your division champions: the Patriots (14-2) in the AFC East, the Chargers (11-5) in the AFC West, the Colts (11-5) in the AFC South and the Steelers (16-0) in the AFC North.The NFC division champs were: the Cardinals (10-6) in the NFC West, the Cowboys (11-5) in the NFC East, the Saints (11-5) in the NFC South and the Packers (9-7) in the NFC North.
There weren’t too many surprises in those winners as each as a great chance at winning the division this year. As for the Steelers pulling off a 16-0 season, well that’s stretching it a bit, but it could very well happen.
The teams that made it into the wild card were the Bills and Broncos in the AFC and the Giants and Rams in the NFC.The Bills played at the Chargers, the Giants were at the Cardinals, the Broncos were at the Colts and the Rams were at the Packers in wild card week.
The Bills is the team that I would question here, but since they have Terrell Owens this year they might just make it into the wild card; I don’t think they’ll do anymore than that, but Madden and I could be wrong. The Rams also would be a pretty big stretch as well.
After the wild card playoffs we came down to the last eight teams that would make up the divisional playoffs, which were: the Colts, the Steelers, the Packers, the Cowboys, the Chargers, the Patriots, the Cardinals and the Saints.The Colts faced off against the Steelers, the Packers were pitted against the Cowboys, the Chargers were put up against the Patriots and the Cardinals faced the Saints.
All these teams in the divisional playoffs I agree with. I do believe each of these teams have the resources to get them to this point.The Patriots and Steelers made it through and into the AFC Championship game. The Saints and Cowboys advanced to the NFC Championship.
The Patriots were then able to overcome the Steelers, giving them their first loss of the season, and the Cowboys surpassed the Saints and found their way next to the Patriots in the Super Bowl.
It all came down to the Patriots and Cowboys and not to my surprise the Patriots were able to come away with the win, sending the Cowboys back to Dallas with their heads down. New England won 30-20.
Now, since Brad Carroll is a huge Jets fan I thought it was fair to mention what they did in the season.Well, the Jets were able to pull off a 6-10 record and came in third in their division. This actually seems about right; I don’t think the Jets will be winning a Super Bowl this season. I could see them making it as a wild card, but who knows, I could be wrong and the Jets could have an outstanding season, I just don’t think so.
So, after going through a whole franchise year with Madden, I’m pretty happy with the results. That’s not because I’m a Patriots fan, (and, no, I’m not a bandwagon fan), it’s because all the teams that progressed are teams that I can actually see making it to the later part of the season, with few exceptions, but for the most part I like the teams Madden had came up with.
If this year sees a Cowboy and Patriot Super Bowl, we might have to put a little more trust in the epic video game — Madden NFL.

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