Friday, May 14, 2010

Casting Call For American Jubilee

The Feature Film, American Jubilee is currently looking for actors.
Filming will begin in July of this year. This film is currently non-union; however, we may use SAG actors (this is currently under negotiations).
American Jubilee is a feature comedy with existential elements. The screenplay was written by Ryan Casey (Director of Crushing Pennies, Executive Director of Ditch, and Producer of Sensory Perception).

To see some of Mr. Casey's past work:
Crushing Pennies Trailer -

Sensory Perception (Dir. Al Signore) Trailer -

Please see Character Breakdown below (to see if you might fit in one of the needed roles).
To apply, please send your headshot to -
If we find a fit, we will email you with details about auditions (we will be holding auditions in early June).
Please forward this message to anyone who might be interested in this film.

Casting Breakdown

AVERY "Vance" McCormick - 30, average build. Lives at his father, OTIS' house and believes that he is staying there to take care of his womanizing father. Avery is a follower, dabbles, not good at knowing what he's good at and/or, not good at knowing what other peoples' needs are.

KENZIE McCormick - 20, average to thin build. Tries to fix things, engineer, very analytical/left-brainer, touchy, critical even of her family. Was offered many scholarships because of her ability to understand engineering/the mechanics of how the physical world works.

OTIS McCormick - 60, average build. Womanizer. Retiring anesthesiologist. Through exposition we realize that OTIS has an affliction of causing women to be thoroughly interested in him - years of this and his floating from woman to woman (after he and his wife divorced and she passed) is what caused his nervous breakdown.

JUNE "Junie" McCormick - 45, normal build. JUNIE has no filter on life. But this is not necessarily a bad thing... Junie is good at heart and sometimes wishes she could better communicate with the McCormick children.

LYSSANDRA Catfield - 30, Sexy. OTIS' next semi-blind neighbor who lives above them in the two family house. She supposedly takes care of her sick mother. LYSSANDRA has a sharp sense of humor that stings most people.

RANDY "mittens" OR "the Gull" Gullchrest - 45, normal to larger build. A local thief. RANDY is somewhat of a cultured person - he listens to classical music in the broken down school bus he lives in. He is somewhat hip, but this is somewhat eclipsed by his obsession with thievery. RANDY is living his dream.

CASSIE Bright - 23, Average to thin build. Otis' girlfriend. Natural beauty. Somewhat earthy. Smart, knows what she wants at all levels of life, calm, realist, kind, has a heart inside, loves animals (because they reciprocate love without any complications and also she likes taking care of them as she does OTIS).

CLAUDE McCormick - 9, the youngest of the McCormicks. Runs a gambling ring at school, has no parental discipline, using only what he sees on TV as a moral compass. Claude is afloat in life.

NADINE- 25 to 30, a very attractive uptight, thin to average build, uber-trendy dressed, as if she were auditioning for Fox News, reporter.

RUDY (a.k.a. Billy the Kid) - 45, male - school principal. Normal build. Randy is laid-back and into Billy Joel.

Young KENZIE - 10, female - innocent-looking; long-hair is needed for this scene.

Young RANDY- 5, male - slightly larger build is preferred.

For more information, contact CT Casting Director, Dan Clark at:

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