Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Halo: Reach Beta: First Impressions

Halo: Reach Beta went live yesterday and of course being a fan of the series I was very excited for it.
When you first get into the game you will notice that the controller schem is different than Halo 3, but that can be easily fixed by editing your schem under settings. I set mine back to similar controls that were in Halo 3.
I know it’s only the second day of beta testing but I wanted to point out things that I felt were positive and things that are just annoying.
First, let me list what I think the pros are for the game.

- The level design and the speed of the game keep its Halo feel. I do not believe we should make the jumping higher, its fine the way it is.
- I love how the pistol has its scope back.
- Skilled players have more of an upper hand.
- Stalker, Scout, and Airborne Armor perks.

- Melee combat is awful and really needs to be looked at.
- The grenades in the game are way overpowered.
- Armor Lock needs to be changed, so close combat between two players can be fair.
- The Assault Rifle should not be so weak.
- Guard armor perk seems to be pointless.

With that said it looks like the final product will be a winner if those things are tweaked/fixed. I’ve been having fun with the beta so far and will update if anything big happens.

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