Tuesday, September 30, 2008

31 Days of Horror: The Shining

With Halloween right around the corner, I decided I would give you a horror movie a day until the 31. These movies are not in any particular order and range in ratings. If you want to buy any of these movies you can try Best Buy, but most of these are hard to find in stores, so amazon.com is a site I will recommend.

October 1, 2008: The Shining

The movie has an epic, eerie and mountainous landscape, and it sucks the viewer in right away. Then it begins to tell a tale with very quiet and calm visuals, yet … it’s the music that tells you that not all is well.
The movie is based off the best-selling Stephen King novel of the same name. I will say the book has a stronger message that is lost in the movie, but the movie delivers in its own way.
In the film we are introduced to Jack Torrance (Jack Nicholson), he is a Vermont schoolteacher working at the Overlook Hotel as a winter caretaker. The Overlook is a fantastic early 20th century resort that is only opened in warm weather, because the snow that plagues the roads makes access in the winter impossible.
That sounds like a good job, right? So … Jack takes his wife, Wendy (Shelly Duvall) and their son, Danny (Danny Lloyd), who possesses a psychic power (note: his psychic gift will be referred to as The Shining) and they all head up into the mountains for a winter of seclusion.
Once they settle in we learn that the father has writers block and we start to see him slowly being taken over by what ever spirits dwell in the hotel.
With out giving too much away, I’ll say the movie takes a very creepy turn and there is a specific scene with a girl spirit in the shower that makes everyone I know squirm. Plus, you get the famous line and scene of Jack axing the door and then putting his head through it and saying “Here’s Johnny!”
This movie is not for little kids, there is a lot in this movie that is disturbing and scary. I do recommend this movie to anyone that has never seen it and is looking for a good scare.

Where to Buy
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