Wednesday, September 3, 2008

The Turtles Are Looking To Be Back Kicking Shell In 2010

The Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles are looking to return to theaters in 2010.
There has been a lot of talk between fans about another turtles movie after the 2007 CGI film was released.
Many were expecting to see the sequel to be like the 2007 movie done in all CGI, but this sequel will bring back the turtles to the live action scene like their movies from the early 90's.
The 2007 film did well enough to allow a sequel to be produced, but Warner Brothers wants to take the turtles back to the beginning and completely re-invent the series, giving it another boost like they did with Batman.
So the word is that they are bringing the franchise back to the basics and showing the origin and having their first villain being the shredder.
I do think that this is a good idea, I don't think it will be a mega hit like "The Dark Knight" but if done right and with the right style the movie can be dark and interesting like the comic books.
The problem is, that I really don't think they should use the turtle suits that they used in the original 90's films. I would rather see the turtles done in CGI and the live action part be the world that surrounds them and the characters that inhabit it.
I will go see this movie if it's more interesting than the 2007 film and really gets back to what the turtles are and not if they make it overly kiddish.
The turtles franchise deserves to be treated with respect like all other comic book properties and it doesn't deserve to be rushed, so take your time in developing this one.

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