Sunday, May 3, 2009

Is Your Favorite Show Renewed?

The Amazing Race (Officially Renewed)
American Dad (Officially Renewed)
American Idol (Officially Renewed)
America's Next Top Model (Officially Renewed)
Batman: The Brave and the Bold (Officially Renewed)
The Big Bang Theory (Officially Renewed)
Bones (Renewal Expected )
Breaking Bad (Officially Renewed)
Brothers & Sisters (Officially Renewed)
Burn Notice (Officially Renewed)
Californication (Officially Renewed)
Celebrity Apprentice (Officially Renewed)
The Closer (Returns June 8)
Crash (Officially Renewed)
Criminal Minds (Renewal Expected )
CSI (Renewal Expected )
CSI: Miami (Renewal Expected )
CSI: NY (Renewal Expected )
Curb Your Enthusiasm (Officially Renewed)
Damages (Officially Renewed)
Dancing with the Stars (Officially Renewed)
Desperate Housewives (Officially Renewed)
Dexter (Officially Renewed)
Eastbound & Down (Officially Renewed)
Entourage (Officially Renewed)
Eureka (Officially Renewed)
Family Guy (Renewal Expected )
Flashpoint (Renewal Expected )
Friday Night Lights (Officially Renewed)
Fringe (Renewal Expected )
Ghost Whisperer (Renewal Expected )
Gossip Girl (Officially Renewed)
Grey's Anatomy (Officially Renewed)
Heroes (Officially Renewed)
The Hills (Officially Renewed)
House (Renewal Expected )
How I Met Your Mother (Renewal Expected )
It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia (Officially Renewed)
Law & Order (Renewal Expected )
Law & Order: Criminal Intent (Officially Renewed)
Law & Order: Special Victims Unit (Officially Renewed)
Lie to Me (Renewal Expected )
Lost (Officially Renewed)
Mad Men (Officially Renewed)
The Mentalist (Renewal Expected )
Monk (Final Season Starts Summer '09)
NCIS (Renewal Expected )
90210 (Officially Renewed)
Nip/Tuck (Officially Renewed)
Numb3rs (Renewal Expected )
The Office (Officially Renewed)
One Tree Hill (Officially Renewed)
Parks and Recreation (Renewal Expected )
Penn & Teller: Bulls**t! (Returns in Summer '09)
Private Practice (Officially Renewed)
Project Runway (Officially Renewed)
Psych (Returns in Summer '09)
Robot Chicken (Officially Renewed)
Rules of Engagement (Renewal Expected )
Sanctuary (Officially Renewed)
Saturday Night Live (Officially Renewed)
The Simpsons (Officially Renewed)
Smallville (Officially Renewed)
Sons of Anarchy (Officially Renewed)
Southland (Officially Renewed)
South Park (Officially Renewed)
The Spectacular Spider-Man (Officially Renewed)
Star Wars: The Clone Wars (Officially Renewed)
Supernatural (Officially Renewed)
Survivor (Officially Renewed)
30 Rock (Officially Renewed)
'Til Death (Returns in Summer '09)
Torchwood (Officially Renewed)
True Blood (Returns June 14)
24 (Officially Renewed)
Two and a Half Men (Officially Renewed)
Ugly Betty (Officially Renewed)
United States of Tara (Officially Renewed)
Weeds (Returns June 8)
Wipeout (Returns May 27)

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