Monday, May 18, 2009

'The Simpsons' May Reach Their End

The Simpsons, an animated series that has found its way into the hearts of many viewers, may be taking its first steps into retirement.
After wrapping their 20th season the series creator, Matt Groening, has hinted that the show has ran its course.
“I think we are closer to winding it up. Although what happens generally if we win the Emmy for best animation show is that that gives us another couple of years to run it into the ground,” Groening said.
Many fans feel that the show hasn’t been good since the mid ’90’s and they also say the last great episode was “The City of New York Vs. Homer Simpson”, which was the first episode of season 9 and aired back on Sept. 21, 1997. Since then many have said the Simpsons started to go down hill.
"Because animation is such an intensely painstaking process, it wears people out, and audiences are always looking for surprises,” Groening said.
The problem Groening faces if he does want to pull the plug is the FOX network and the 60 million viewer audience the show pulls in. With that amount of viewers the show is a tremendous financial success and turns a profit for FOX.
"I think FOX will wring every last penny out of the show before they call it a day,” Groening said.
The show clearly had better writing back in the day and the show does feel tired. I think that they should do one more season and then end it; I mean all the surprises are gone.
"When any character is as stupid as Homer Simpson, it's hard to keep surprising the audience,” Groening said.

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