Monday, May 18, 2009

What About John Locke?

Wednesday night we saw the season finale of Lost and that finale we learned that John Locke had actually died earlier in the season.
Locke will not be returning to the show, but the actor who plays him (Terry O'Quinn) will continue to play a part. That part is still unclear, will he being playing the evil "Esau" character? Jacob? or even a whole new character?
This news is a blow to me, since Locke was one of my favorite character on the show and seeing that character just die off really sucks. I don't really want Terry O'Quinn playing another character, I want him playing John Locke, that's the character he has been from the beginning and I think it should stay that way.
I don't even like how Locke died. Here is a man that had to overcome so much more than any other character just strangled to death. It didn't feel like an appropriate way to kill Locke, he should of went out bigger than he did. That character deserved a better end and he didn't get it.

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