Thursday, February 18, 2010

Best Pictures That Never Were: Day 2

Year: 1947
Movie: The Bishop’s Wife
Best Picture Winner: Gentleman’s Agreement

Gregory Peck gives an outstanding performance in Gentleman’s Agreement but its Carey Grant’s performance of Dudley the angel that is truly memorable.
Yes another Christmas movie. Christmas was the holiday to base you’re movie around back in the ‘40’s. A year before, It’s A Wonderful Life was nominated, and the same year as The Bishop’s Wife, A Miracle on 34th Street was nominated, all three of them now Christmas classics.
The Bishop’s Wife is about Bishop Henry Brougham (David Niven) a man who is having trouble building his new cathedral so he prays for help. Dudley (Carey Grant) is an angel who is sent to answer his prayers.
Dudley’s mission isn’t to help with the cathedral but to guide the people around Henry especially Henry’s wife, Julia (Loretta Young), who is depressed and feels neglected by her husband.
Dudley spends a lot of time with Julia, trying to cheer her up and then finds himself strongly attached to her; this is what makes the movie. The relationship and performances between Grant and Young makes the movie feel real and it’s done so well that I believe it should have won Best Picture.
This is one movie that everyone should view, because they don’t make movies like this anymore. Like It's A Wonderful Life this movie has been mandatory viewing for me when Christmas comes around.
I believe that this movie deserved more than just a nomination; it deserved the title of Best Picture.

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