Friday, February 19, 2010

Best Pictures That Never Were: Day 3

Year: 1953
Movie: Shane
Best Picture Winner: From Here to Eternity

Director George Steven’s brings to life the defining western myth. The movie is about Shane (Alan Ladd), a drifter and retired gunfighter, to the assistance of a homestead family terrorized by a wealthy cattleman and his hired gun Jack Wilson (Jack Palance). In fighting the last decisive battle, Shane sees the end of his own way of life. Mysterious, moody and atmospheric, the film is made by its intense performances from a stunning cast.
They don't make westerns like this anymore and I don't care what anyone says the Western genre isn't dead and they should really stat bringing it back (not remakes though).
The character Shane is by far one of the greatest movie hero’s of all-time and if you haven’t seen this piece of American History you should go and BUY it, because this movie is something you’ll watch again and again because its simply one of the best westerns ever made.
I will say that this movie deserved the title of Best Picture.

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