Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Best Pictures That Never Were: Day 8

Year: 1973
Movie: American Graffiti
Best Picture Winner: The Sting

For those of you who don't know there was a George Lucas before Star Wars and he made some great films and one of those films was American Graffiti.
The movie is about four teenagers on their last summer night before they head off to college. They rediscover drag racing, inspiration point and the classic drive-ins, in this nostalgic look back at the early '60's.
Besides the story and the performances from Ron Howard, Richard Dreyfuss, Cindy Williams, Suzanne Somers and pre-Han Solo Harrison Ford, the movie is all about it's music. The soundtrack that the film has brings back all those memorable rock 'n' roll hits from the '60's, surrounding you in that time period.
The Sting has a classic score and it's a good movie but not one of my favorites. American Graffiti was definitely a better film in my opinion but for the year of '73 there was another film that was nominated that also deserved a best picture win and I'll talk about that tomorrow.

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