Thursday, October 10, 2013

31 Days of Horror 4: Originals vs. Remakes DAY 10

The Haunting (1963) vs. The Haunting (1999)
The movie is set in Hill House, a house that is known for its dark and evil history that includes accidents, suicide and human misjudgment.
A doctor by the name John Markway (Richard Johnson) a psychic researcher assembles a group of people who have histories linked to paranormal activity.
One of the group members is a woman by the name, Eleanor (Julie Harris), who was the subject of unexplained poltergeist activities as a child. She also is feeling guilt over her mother’s death, but when she arrives at Hill House she slowly falls into obsession with the estate.
When the group gets together they explore Hill House, and their own insecurities. Little do they know that the estate holds darker horrors, as the souls from the house’s troubled past begin to make themselves known.
Released in 1963, this movie still holds all the scares and thrills it delivered so well all those years ago.
It’s based off of the Shirley Jackson novel, The Haunting of Hill House, and in my opinion is one of the best psychological horror films ever made. Because it doesn’t rely on blood, gore or monster to get its scares it plays with your mind.
The big reason everyone should watch this movie because it’s one of the very, very few movies that leaves its audience with an unsettling feel. It also leaves you with questions that you can answer for yourself.
Where do I begin? If you have ever had the chance to see this remake I feel your pain.
The movie has a similar plot to the original. It also has Liam Neeson, Owen Wilson and Catherine Zeta-Jones who are clearly doing it for a paycheck.
The script for the film is an uneven mess, and the only thing that the movie had going for it was its visual effects, which have aged terribly.
The Haunting (1999) is a film that should be avoided at all costs. It’s not so bad it’s good, it’s so bad that it’s just painful to watch.
So, which is better?
The original. Not even going to explain why, because thinking about the remake is only going to make me mad.
Original Wins

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