Sunday, October 27, 2013

31 Days of Horror 4: Originals vs. Remakes DAY 27

April Fool’s Day (1986) vs. April Fool’s Day (2008)
College student Buffy (Deborah Foreman) has her birthday land of April Fools Day. For her birthday she invites a group of friends from over to her family's island getaway to spend the weekend partying.
They’re soon met with some practical-joke and bloodshed. As the movie continues, the guests begin to go missing, but what’s going on and who is to blame?
I actually like April Fool’s Day, I know there is a lot of people that don’t, but it has a certain amount of charm to it. Yes, it is cheesy and there is a lot better horror movies out there. Yet, I found the script to have a lot of interesting twists and turns.
They actually did remake this but I don’t think it got a theatrical release.
The story is slightly different and not very good. It’s boring, and sad attempt on a slasher film.
All the fun that was in the original is gone and we’re left with a movie that shouldn’t even be called a movie. It’s so bad that it is actually a chore to get through.
So, which is better?
The original is so much better. Original Wins.

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