Sunday, October 19, 2008

31 Days of Horror: Children of the Corn

October 19, 2008: Children of the Corn
Another Stephen King novel adaptation and in this one we find ourselves in Nebraska in a town called Gatlin in a horror classic – Children of the Corn.
Gatlin almost seems deserted at first glance, but we soon learn that a boy preacher by the name Isaac Chroner (John Franklin) has gotten all of the children together and had them kill all the adults that resided in the town, talk about a brat of a kid.
We then meet a young couple who has a murder to report and the nearest town is Gatlin, the Children of the Corn’s territory. When they arrive they notice that there is no one left and they are trapped in the town with a small chance of survival.
This movie I find entertaining, but it might seem very dated and dumb to others. I added it to the list, because people still mention it and I also find it to be a creepy concept that proves to be a good scare.
The effects in the movie were good for the day, but are extremely dated, so don’t expect to have mind blowing movie making experience, just enjoy the story and get involved with the characters and you’ll enjoy the movie.

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