Tuesday, October 14, 2008

31 Days of Horror: The Nightmare Before Christmas

October 14, 2008: The Nightmare Before Christmas I know this is not a horror movie, but I was looking through my list and I seemed never to offer a decent film for children and I find this one to be one of the great holiday movies.
The movie is about Jack Skeleton who is bored with his repetitive life in Halloween town and has a strong desiree to seek more.
One night after the annual Halloween party, Jack wonders away from town and finds a door into Christmas town.
Jack then finds everything he's been looking for in the magic and wonder he finds in the town of Christmas. He then decides that instead of being the mascot for Halloween, he'll be the mascot for Christmas and the crazy actions of other holidays taken control of other holidays become too much for both to take and all trouble breaks loose.
Here is a movie that is classic in my book and one of the most enjoyable animated films for me in years. I loved it as a child and I still love it as an adult, its by far one of the most creative stories and it also has a very unique look that separates it from all the other animated films.
If you haven't seen this movie, stop depriving yourself and go out and buy it. Yes, this movie is a must own for anyone. It just been re-released on DVD and I suggest you make the purchase.
The movie is for all ages, there is no gore and violence but there is somethings that might scare the youngest viewers.

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Ian smith said...

The genesis of The Nightmare Before Christmas started with a poem by Burton as a Disney animator in the early-1980s. With the success of Vincent in 1982, Disney started to consider The Nightmare Before Christmas as either a short subject or 30-minute television special.

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