Wednesday, October 8, 2008

31 Days of Horror: The Evil Dead

October 8, 2008: The Evil Dead
So after “The Blair Witch Project” I return to another low budget horror and this one is legend in the genre.
The film is about five young friends who take a trip to a cabin in a very rural part of Tennessee. While staying in the cabin they stumble across the Book of the Dead, an ancient tome that is bound in human flesh and inked in blood.
The group of friends soon decides to read the book and they unknowingly awake the horrific terror told of in the book.
Soon one by one the friends are transformed into the evil dead, except for Ash (Bruce Campbell) who becomes the hero of this movie and one of horror’s most famous faces.
Ash is the only one left with no real options to survive, the woods are against them and his car won’t start (of course). He then realizes that the only way to defeat the evil dead is to dismember the living corpses in which they possess.
This means he had to kill his sister, girlfriend and two of his friends in order to defeat the evil dead.
The movie was shot with basically no budget, it has very impressive camera work and the gore effects are extremely over-the-top. It also sports a slight sense of humor, but nothing like the humor in the two sequels that followed.
This movie is everything a horror movie should be and I recommend this to everyone. The way I describe this movie is its sort of like “The Blair Witch Project” but with better camera work, story and if you gave the witch the camera rather than the students.

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