Saturday, October 25, 2008

31 Days of Horror: The Omen

October 25, 2008: The Omen
Robert, a U.S. Ambassador to Italy (Gregory Peck) and Katherine Thorn (Lee Remick) are a happy married couple that has everything they both ever desired. They want nothing more in their life except for one thing – a child.
Yet, tragedy strikes the couple when the baby Katherine gives birth to is a stillborn; a priest at the hospital who suggests that he should take a healthy newborn, whose mother had died in childbirth, approaches Robert.
Robert agrees and without telling his wife and the couple relocate from Italy to London, when they arrive, eerie events occur and a warning from a priest leads Robert to believe that the child he took from the hospital in Italy is evil incarnate.
This movie introduced Damian to the world and till this day he continues to scare us and his story continues to fascinate us.
The movie is well worth any price if you haven’t seen it or if it shows up on TV, I strongly recommend you watch it.
Like so many other horror movies this one was also remade, which was release in 2006 and I suggest just not watch it and stick with the 1976 original. I mean Richard Donner, the guy who brought us Superman I and II and also one of my favorite movies – The Goonies, directed this original.Some might like this more then others and I warn there are some disturbing scenes in this movie.


Bill said...

Why do you see say not to watch the remakes? The remakes are better then the originals.

James Drzewiecki said...

First of all, have you ever seen the original movies? I can’t say you’re wrong, because it’s your opinion. I will say that out of the movies I’ve used on this list, no remake can EVER capture what the original did. I mean you can like the remakes, I think Hollywood doesn’t truly set out to disappoint us, but in my personal opinion the originals will always top the remakes.