Friday, January 23, 2009

The Bat Gets Snubbed

It's great that Heath ledger was nominated for Best Supporting Actor, because his performance is, hands down, the best performance of the year. Yet, The Dark Knight was snubbed for more obscure titles, which are films that deserve to be there, but The Dark Knight should be there as well and it is a slap in the face for everyone that made that movie so great.
Let’s compare one Best Picture nominee with The Dark Knight; I’m going to pick The Curious Case of Benjamin Button. Looking at the reviews of both these films, Button was only able to pull in 122 positive reviews and drew in 47 negative reviews; The Dark Knight was able to pull in 247 positive reviews and only had 16 negative reviews.
This really bothers me, because Knight is obviously a superior film and the only reason it was snubbed is because it’s a fantasy film and also it’s a Batman film, two things that were working against it.
Now, the Oscars has been suffering from low ratings for the past couple years and they’ve been wondering why. I can tell you why, because I don’t think they’re connecting with their audience, they’re picking movies that few people have been able to see (due to select city releases) and they snub movies that audiences and critics seem to connect with and love.
The other snub I will touch upon is the snub of Leonardo DiCaprio for Best Actor and I will have to agree with the academy on this one. I was able to see Revolutionary Road and I thought his performance was nothing special and it even felt unnatural at times. I don’t agree with them snubbing Kate Winslet for Best Actress though, she is the one that was actually good in Revolutionary Road and is the reason to watch the movie.
So, yes I’m a little angry with the nominations this year and I feel that there is no reason that The Dark Knight should have been overlooked, I mean they even overlooked it in the writing category and it was a better written film then most this year.
After all that, I can say that I’m very thankful they didn’t snub Heath Ledger.

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