Friday, January 2, 2009

Zombie Brings Back Myers

Michael Myers returns to the big screen Aug. 28, 2009. Yes, Rob Zombie is making a direct sequel to his 2007 Halloween remake.
What I know so far that principal photography starts is March and pre-production begins this month. The other thing I know is that Tyler Mane (Michael Myers) is the only actor attached to the project at this time.
I have to be honest I really didn’t like the 2007 film, I respect that he tried to do something different and I also respect him for attempting to make it his own, but the movie was filled with bad scenes and lame dialogue. (Example: The scene where Michael is running through the halls of his school and the screen freezes and the films title appears really reminded me of an after school special on a trouble teen.)
Also what I didn’t like about the movie is the long back-story about Myers, I thought it was dragged out and we didn’t need it. You know what makes all these horror icons interesting and scary? Is having the bare minimum of information on their pasts, the less we know the better.
I don’t mind if you liked the 2007 remake, but lets face reality it was not the epic return for Myers that we all hoped for. And yes I thought the back story was awful and don’t think that we needed to know that much about Myers’ past it only made him less scary.
Do I have hope for Halloween 2? I don’t, I think its just going to be more Zombie dialogue and style and I really think he should leave the franchise alone, I think everyone should just leave it alone. No one is ever going to create a sequel or remake up to the caliber of John Carpenter’s original.

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