Wednesday, October 28, 2009

31 Days of Horror 2: Audition

October 28, 2009: Audition
One of the most disturbing movies of all time.
Audition is an art-house cult horror film that will be talked about for a long time to come. Ryo Ishibashi stars as Aoyama, a single father who has not dated since his wife died seven years earlier. To help find another woman to bring joy into Aoyama's life, his best friend, television producer Yoshikawa, convinces Aoyama that they should add a fake part to a show they are auditioning actresses for. After a series of comical auditions, in walks a woman whom Aoyama thinks is perfect--Asami, played by former model Eihi Shiina. But when Aoyama proves too tentative in his courting - and starts learning odd things about Asami's past - she decides to exact a revenge that filmgoers will never forget.
This film was directed by Takashi Miike's and is based on Ryu Murakami's novel. The movie starts off as a slow romance but is quickly changed up to a fast pacing horror movie. Violence that replaces love and the last section of the film is one of the most brutal torture scenes ever put together, and it is definitely not for squeamish.

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