Sunday, October 4, 2009

31 Days of Horror 2: Prom Night

October 4, 2009: Prom Night
NO! I’m not talking about the 2008 remake that was so bad that it should just be forgotten about. I’m talking about the 1980 classic with Scream Queen herself – Jamie Lee Curtis.
The movie is about Kim Hammond (Jamie Lee Curtis) and her group of friends, who have been keeping a very dark secret. Six years before their prom, the kids antagonized another child, which resulted into her untimely death.
Now with their prom approaching Kim and her friends have been getting threatening phone calls from someone who witnessed the incident years ago. The killer then strikes on Prom Night and no one is safe.
Now Prom Night is not a great movie, but it’s still a classic in my eyes. Yes, it’s not as exciting or fun as other Slasher films and some might even find it boring, but the movie should still be viewed. If you just want to watch a horror movie that is light on the scares, has some gory scenes but all and all you can have fun with and laugh at then look no further.
I will not recommend the remake though; I mean what was Hollywood thinking when they decided to make that? They should have at least given Jamie Lee Curtis a cameo.

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