Wednesday, October 7, 2009

31 Days of Horror 2: The Ring

October 7, 200: The Ring
Today we look at Gore Verbinski’s remake of Hideo Nakata’s truly chilling film – The Ring.
The movie is about a videotape that shows some disturbing images. If you watch this tape, you’ll then receive a phone call and then die in seven days. This catches the attention of newspaper reporter Rachel Keller (Naomi Watts) after four teens die mysteriously in one week, all of them having watched the tape.
Rachel is able to track down the tape and she of course, being the skeptic she is, she watches it and now she only has seven days to try to solve the mystery before she meets her end.
The Ring is a very well done movie. It doesn’t depend on gore to scare you it rather takes the route of creepy visuals that will really freak you out.
This movie is all about its visuals. Verbinski does a great job in scaring the audience by creating a truly unique and creepy atmosphere.
This is a great movie for people that are not into the gory horror movies but still love to get a good scare.

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