Sunday, October 11, 2009

31 Days of Horror 2: Pet Sematary

October 10, 2009: Pet Sematary

Sometimes dead is better and we learn that the hard way in Stephen King’s Sematary.

The film is about the Creed family, who’ve just moved into a small community. Not long after their move, their son is killed. The father becomes stricken with grief and finds a cemetery behind their house, where you can bury your loved ones and they will come back to life.

He takes his son’s body to the cemetery and, of course, he’s brought back to life. The father is thrilled to have his son back, only until he kills someone. The father is shocked about his son’s behavior and learns that “Not Everything that comes back is the same”. Now it’s up to the father to stop his son before he wipes out the small community.

When talking about Pet Sematary people usually fall into two groups – love or hate. In my case I would say I fall more into the loved category, because it has everything a good horror movie has.

The movie has true scares, gore and explores mortality and the even more complicated grieving process.

The film might seem silly to some but in my opinion it truly is an effective adaptation of Stephen King novel and should be mandatory viewing for any horror fan.

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