Sunday, October 11, 2009

31 Days of Horror 2: Mothman Prophecies

October 11, 2009: Mothman Prophecies
Today we head over to Point Pleasant, West Virginia to find the Mothman in The Mothman Prophecies.
John Klein, a Washington Post journalist, has just lost his wife in a fatal car accident. John soon finds some sketches his wife made after the accident. They all show a winged creature. Two years later, John all of a sudden finds himself one night in Point Pleasant, West Virginia. He has no idea how he has journeyed the 400 miles in less than two hours. In the small town, local cop Connie struggles with many sightings of a moth like creature taller than a man being reported, while John believes that an explanation for his wife's death can be found. The deeper John digs, the clearer the mothman's purpose arises - only to leave his life in immediate danger.
I love this movie because the stories of Mothman have always intrigued me. I know this movie is more of a thriller, but it really does creep you out.
The movie has no gore and it relies on strange events to blow your mind and also to scare you.

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