Sunday, December 14, 2008

12 Days of Christmas: Christmas in Connecticut

In 12 Days of Christmas I will be covering 12 different holiday movies that are on my must see list. I didn’t include any holiday specials (Example: Rudolph, Charlie Brown, The Grinch), I only included feature length films.
The first movie on the list is a classic from 1945 that stars Barbara Stanwyck and Dennis Morgan in a great Christmas story – Christmas in Connecticut.
The film is about Elizabeth Lane (Barbara Stanwyck) a writer who writes a cooking column for a women’s magazine, there is only one problem she has no experience in the kitchen. She is only posing as a happy housewife who has a husband and a very nice house in the country.
Soon her publisher, who believes that all she writes is true, arranges for her to entertain Sailor Jefferson Jones (Dennis Morgan) over the Christmas holiday. This causes Lane to marry her boyfriend, find a house and prepare one of her wonderful meals that she always writes about. Things get even more complicated when Lane starts to fall in love with Jones.
The movie is a comedy and a very screwball type of comedy, that is all about mistaken identities and it’s actually done very well. Stanwyck performance is really the best reason to watch the movie; she is able to break out of what could have been a very linear performance and makes it a performance that overcomes its restrictions and boundaries.
If you don’t like older movies then you most likely will not like this movie. It’s a great comedy, but it also shows its age.

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